Catch-and-release for all: Biden now seeks to allow online asylum applications from anywhere in the world

As if anyone needed more proof that the humanitarian disaster at the border is intentional and planned by the Bidenites, take a look at how they're trying to expand the right to claim asylum here from anywhere in the world.

According to Just The News:

Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford, who recently visited the U.S.-Mexico border, is warning that President Joe Biden's online asylum system is an "open invitation for Chinese spies" and all of Yemen to enter the U.S.

That's right — as if the border surge didn't serve as sufficient warning to them about the foolishness of taking all comers who claim asylum, the Bidenites are now planning to make it even easier to claim asylum, opening up an online system for anyone, anywhere, to get into the U.S. by filing from abroad and flying on in.  Just the News continued:

Just the News asked Lankford if DHS officials responded to his concerns during a meeting with lawmakers.

"It's in design, we're discussing it, we're looking at it ... we're trying to evaluate how we're going to do it," he said, paraphrasing the department's responses.

"But they're very clear," Lankford emphasized. "They're planning this asylum system to be able to do asylum from anywhere in the world." 

And yes, Lankford is right about the Chinese spies.  And the Russian ones.  And the Iranian ones.  After all, who is most likely in those dictatorships to actually have access to the internet?  That's right: the spies, the government organs, the loyalists.  As for the actual dissidents who might need asylum, well, who is most likely to have internet access cut off by such governments?  That's right: the people who might actually qualify for asylum.  That makes the online asylum application process an absolute magnet for spies — as well as the world's lower middle classes who are well-interneted.  The truly poor, of course, have no internet access, but the urbanized lower middle classes — the shantytown dwellers, the kind of people who vote for Hugo Chávez, certainly do, as do advanced gang members such as Mexico's increasingly sophisticated cartels.  The same dynamic applies to airfares, which can be quite pricey from dictatorships and failed states such as Iran and Yemen.

Such realities seem opaque to the Bidenites who are promoting this bright idea.  Or there' something diabolical going on with the Department of Homeland Security, led by the increasingly shady and suspicious Alejandro Mayorkas.

Lankford pointed out just how illegal and abusable the bad idea is, too:

Under the emerging plans, asylum seekers "can just say, 'I have credible fear,' fly into the country, be here for eight years while they await their hearing," Lankford told Just the News after speaking at the America First Summit last week. "This is an open invitation for Chinese spies to be able to come into the country. It's an open invitation for everyone to come from Yemen, to say it's a war-torn country.

"Immigration is not designed to be just open to anyone who wants to come. Asylum is the same definition as refugee. If you're a refugee, you go to the next safest country, andthcoming you go there. They're turning this on its head, saying if anyone wants to come to America for any reason, just come here, and we'll just take you from everywhere. That's not what we're designed to be able to do." 

And when Lankford says "designed," he's being gentle and delicate.  The U.S. Constitution states that only Congress can set the numbers of migrants allowed into the country, not the Executive Branch, so there's a hard law issue here about to be violated, as if what has happened at the border is not violation enough.

It's an outrageous expansion of the already problematic asylum system, which has seen 3 million illegal border-crossers rolling in in record numbers into the U.S. with zero vetting, the highest numbers on record, in stark violation of established U.S. law.

It's can be described only as a de facto erasure of the borders, and now the Bidenites plan to extend it to airports, creating the mother of all free-for-alls as perverts, spies, terrorists, cartel members, gangsters, chiselers, fraudsters, fourth-world America-haters, and the unassimilable who cannot be happy in this country flood on in, all of them saying the magic word "asylum" and then taking the work permits and U.S. residency as they await a Biden-approved "asylum officer" — who is not even a judge, presumably wedded to rule of law, but an open-borders activist — to sign them on in permanently.  That opens the gates for them to apply for U.S. citizenship and to vote here with their values and interests legally.  Many, of course, skip that citizenship issue before voting.

It seems to be part of a broader plan, an intentional plan to open the borders to foreigners with Rep. Ilhan Omar's "values" that they don't like to talk about.

Just this weekend, investigative journalist Lara Logan reported this finding:

Apparently, they are handing out Social Security numbers to already-entering phony asylum-seekers at the border as part of their welcome packet, too.  They'll soon be doing that to everyone who wants in from Somalia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Yemen who can shell out for the huge airfares, which may well mean some kind of "sponsorship," whether from gang or government.

They really don't like us, do they?  It's as if the Bertolt Brecht statement about replacing the voters is operative with whoever is running Joe Biden's White House: 

Some party hack decreed that the people
had lost the government's confidence
and could only regain it with redoubled effort.
If that is the case, would it not be simpler,
If the government simply dissolved the people
And elected another?

 Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of Pixabay, Pixabay License vector image.

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