Biden sure is coughing a lot for someone 'recovered' from COVID

President Biden has been ill with China virus.  We all know that.  Twice within the past half-month Biden has been kept in China virus isolation.  During isolation, his public affairs have been limited, and when he does take part in events, he's been doing them remotely.

Supposedly, his handlers allow him to circulate in public after two successive days of being tested negative, when he is supposed to be in normal health, but you sure wouldn't have known that from the performance he put on last Tuesday at the outdoor signing ceremony on the White House South Lawn for the passage of the CHIPS in Science Act of 2022 — which Brandon consistently misnamed as "the CHIPS and Science Act."

The signing ceremony was one prolonged cough-a-thon.  It was 45 minutes long, and under tropical conditions of heat and humidity approaching that of the Amazon rain forest, which certainly didn't help the obviously still sick president.

His handlers should never have allowed this ceremony to go forth.  At the very least, it should have been held indoors in air-conditioned comfort.  Even granted that the so-called "Dr." (D.Ed.) Jill is no medical doctor, what on Earth was she doing allowing this to go on?

I watch every single Biden speech I can because I keep track of as many Bidenism gaffes as I can.  Ordinarily, I do not listen to whatever other speakers there may be, but this time, I had to force myself to pay attention to every single word Chuckie Schumer uttered as he read through and recited yet another boring speech.  Talk about slow torture!

I paid attention to all the speeches because I noted all the times Biden coughed, blew his nose, took sips of water, or shook hands despite coughing into his hands constantly and never sanitizing his hands.

This is what I got:

Coughs into his bare hand: IIII IIII IIII IIII III = 23 times

Bare-handed unsanitary handshakes: IIII III = 8 times

Sips water: II = 2 times

Blows his nose: II = 2 times

On Thursday, he's supposed to fly to South Carolina in order to vacation on some island near Charleston.  Even by his standards, that is a very long vacation. It makes me think he's still sick and is taking in the ocean air, hoping to recover by the end of a very long weekend.

Image via Pxhere.

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