Australian senator makes impassioned case against the globalist agenda

Klaus Schwab’s sycophants occupy elected and bureaucratic positions in governments and cabinets around the world, and as far as I can tell, no politician is more vocal about this insidious reality than Australian senator Alex Antic.  Just a few weeks back, Antic delivered a fiery speech against tyrannical overreach before his legislative colleagues:

Antic had previously railed against Schwab and the World Economic Forum in particular, saying:

The World Economic Forum is steeped in authoritarianism and Marxist ideology. It's an ideology which is creeping into governments across the world. To quote Schwab himself in speaking about the Canadian parliament, 'We penetrate the cabinets. I know that half this cabinet, even more than half, are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum. It's true in Argentina, it's true in France, now with the president [Trudeau], who is a Young Global Leader.' ...

The World Economic Forum is an anti-capitalist, anti-free market organization that seeks to subvert Western values and political processes, and they are very organized, and very well-funded. Their message is designed to appear harmless when in fact, the ideology that underpins it is revolutionary and destructive. ...

The Forum believes that your freedoms should be minimized to prevent the imminent climate catastrophe, the one that's been coming for ten years, and the last fifty years by the way. The central theme of the World Economic Forum's material is what they call 'The Great Reset', which is Klaus Schwab's term for the opportunity the pandemic has presented to reimagine and reinvent the economic policies of the West.

Earlier this month, Antic introduced a motion to require politicians to disclose connections and affiliations with outside political influence.  The official proposal read:

[A]ny association or involvement with domestic or international political, activist or lobbying organisations [sic] or other bodies, international societies, charitable foundations, not for profit organisations [sic], or advocacy groups in the previous ten (10) years[.]

In drafting up such a motion, ties to the WEF would certainly be emphasized, as one of Antic's fellow senators is herself a Schwab stooge — Sarah Hanson-Young.

Globalist governing institutions like the WEF, the WHO, and the U.N., and sadistic despots like Bill Gates, make clear they view the non-elites as parasitic — they lament "overpopulation" and decry the resources used and carbon emitted by those extra useless eaters.  The U.N. even published an article titled "We're gobbling up the Earth's resources at an unsustainable rate" — the piece called for an "urgent transition" within the energy sector.

However, the reality is quite the opposite.  One of the entries in the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "parasite" as "someone or something that resembles a biological parasite in living off of, being dependent on, or exploiting another while giving little or nothing in return."

Well, doesn't that perfectly characterize these pseudo-elites?  They're either business executives who have been propped up and enriched by government handouts at the expense of citizen-taxpayers or politicians who have lined their pockets through government corruption.  Either way, they're completely dependent upon our hard work and entrepreneurship — without us as their host, these leeches would die.  Political parasitism emanates from the top of the hierarchy, not the bottom.

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