Armed Antifa terrorists stand guard at daytime drag show in Texas

Adult men who either dress like women or take surgical steps to impersonate them, and then scheme for access to sexually perform in front of children, are pedophiles — full stop — and this week in Texas, armed members of Antifa showed up to protect the perverts.

In downtown Roanoke, a local distillery hosted a "drag brunch" with around 20 children in attendance, and in a perfect display of cognitive dissonance, radical leftists provided security for the event, with AR-15s in tow.

The left constantly advocates for the disarming of the citizenry, especially those who are law-abiding.  Yet, in a strange turn of events, those same leftists have no problem exercising their right to bear arms, so long as it is for the protection of child predators.

There's nothing harmless about drag culture, despite the push from those on the left, particularly in the media and, predictably, Hollywood.

Two months ago, Salon published an essay under this headline: "Drag is not dangerous: How exposing your kids to drag performance can be a good thing."

The author, Heidi Klaassen, details that her son "came out" as gay at the age of nine, and she waffled on whether to expose him to television show RuPaul's Drag Race, which contains themes of sexual kinks and deviant lifestyles — eventually deciding in the affirmative.  According to Klaassen:

I was initially nervous about some of the language and sexual innuendo, but I felt he was mature enough to gain an understanding of these elements as they relate to drag performance.

Some say their toddlers [emphasis added] love the dazzling visuals and pretty contestants. Others abhor the language, suggestive sexual content, and occasional 'nudity'[.]

Offering children up at the altar of sexual gratification has been done before — there is nothing new under the sun.

Back in 2019, Advocate ran an article titled "Exposing Kids to Drag Isn't Abuse," which included some insight from well known gay couple, David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris.  According to Burtka:

We've been exposing our kids to drag since Neil's Hedwig days, and we're proud of it. Drag is a celebration of life and embracing differences. Shouldn't we teach the kids of today to be who they are, and to be proud of who they are throughout their lives? Drag is so much more than just a man in women's clothes and make-up.

What if a person is a minor-attracted person?  Do we encourage that individual to live his truth?  Burtka's commentary is full of fallacy and folly, but he continues:

Drag queens aren't hurting the kids. If anything, I think it's hurting the kids if you don't expose them.

The involvement of children in drag culture and the drag movement is explicitly predatory.  As Sara Gonzales pointed out:

Leftist morality is so deranged, it's astonishing — guns are bad and must be banned, unless a group of pedophiles wants unfettered access to children.  Then guns are good.

The crux of the matter is not to determine whether or not children need to be introduced to drag, but rather, why do adults want access to children in a sexualized environment?

Image: Anto Abellan from Pixabay, Pixabay License, free for commercial use, no attribution required.

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