Arizona RINO candidate breaks the ceasefire to sue the primary winner

In the Arizona August primary, some McCain Machine leftovers lost big time, and now the Establishment is pulling out all the stops.  Salon ran this headline: "Meghan McCain melts down after Kari Lake, GOP extremists come out on top in Arizona elections" — and although the left-wing publication meant "extremist" to be a pejorative, in the swamp of Arizona, it simply means "America First."

Now the faction of RINOs who campaigned against Lake are coming after her allies.  In a newly drawn Tucson district, conservative firebrand Justine Wadsack (dubbed a "dangerous Trump Republican" by a prominent left-wing blogger) thrashed Establishment incumbent Vince Leach — but Leach isn't just a run-of-the-mill RINO.  He was the president pro tempore of the state Senate.

Wadsack received the nomination as the people's choice, but corrupt Republicans are doing everything they can to prohibit a real conservative from making it into office.  Plaintiffs Edward and Onita Davis, a married couple from Leach's neighborhood, are suing Wadsack in an attempt to eject her from the ballot and declare Leach the general nominee — but this is where it gets interesting.  One of the plaintiffs, Mr. Davis, hasn't even spoken to his own attorney, Tim La Sota.

According to the Arizona Capitol Times:

Edward Davis said he and Leach have known each other for a long time and Leach approached him to make the claim. Davis said he's never spoken with La Sota [emphasis added].

Disunity and dissension have plagued the Arizona GOP — so much so that the consistent theme at Republican Party–sanctioned events is, unsurprisingly, "unity."  Turning Point recently hosted an event dubbed the "Unite and Win" rally with Kari Lake and Ron DeSantis — where Wadsack and her Freedom Team compatriots received shout-outs — while GOP leadership in the southern part of the state followed suit and sponsored a local "Unity Rally."

Arizona RINOs are notorious for espousing Reagan's Eleventh Commandment ("Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican"), exploiting the adage's calls for decency and civility to silence conservatives from identifying the wolves and Trojan horses.  And despite calls for unity, Establishment operatives will do whatever it takes to keep America First conservatives from power — the Republican Party and the country be damned.

Image: Vince Leach, by Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons (resized for compatibility)

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