After Liz Cheney’s whopping defeat, leftists rant against the ‘uneducated’

On Tuesday night, Harriet Hageman finished off the decaying political dynasty of the Cheneys, and the lefties on Twitter went a bit berserk, lamenting the political leverage possessed by a certain class of Americans they call "uneducated" — Americans also known as conservatives or true Republicans.  Predictably, the accusations of the Twitterverse Neanderthals rely on logical fallacy, ignorance, and a profound level of pseudo-elitism.  Ron Filipkowski, a Florida-based attorney and self-described "former Republican," said:

You'd think that for a lawyer, he would be a little more conscious of the need to avoid erroneous arguments for legitimate political discourse, but alas, he's now a Democrat.  Filipkowski finds Republicans "uneducated," and instead of thoughtfully applying sound logic to support his view, he relies on an "appeal to authority" fallacy.  Rather than pointing out if and where Cawthorn was wrong, Filipkowski determines his viewpoint to be the correct one, simply because he is the educated, academic standard, with the degrees and résumé to prove it.

Another Twitter user, Debbie Feeny, quoted historical revolutionary Maximilien Robespierre, completely missing the irony that Robespierre's values would be antithetical to modern American leftism — he was a staunch supporter of the right to bear arms, and his rigid dedication to rooting out government corruption earned him the moniker "the Incorruptible."

Lastly, the defeat of Liz Cheney illustrates the ever-present reality that leftists are defined by their sanctimonious displays of pseudo-aristocracy.  They believe universities to be the pinnacle of enlightenment and academic excellence, and graduates of such institutions are intellectually superior — but then comes the doublethink, for only if a person exits from their schooling as a lefitst is he "educated."  Conservative values, regardless of any collegiate achievement, equate to "ignorance."

Liz Cheney winning the "educated" vote really means she won the "indoctrinated into leftism" vote.  Taxpayer-funded degrees in gender or women's studies does not equate to intellectual accomplishment — in reality, it's quite the opposite.  Trump-supporting farmers from the American Heartland (like those in Wyoming) are often the butt of leftist ridicule — but does anyone remember when college-educated Marxists attempted to grow a garden in CHAZ?


Although the facts don’t support the claims, leftists iterate the notion that leftism amounts to scholarly prestige.  However, the truth is, leftists are perfectly indoctrinated, and therefore perfectly uneducated.  Claiming otherwise is a complete farce.

Image: Office of Representative Liz Cheney, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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