A transactivists wants to mail dangerous drugs to your children

Eli Erlick is a 27-year-old man who boasts of shipping unprescribed hormones across America to people (especially teens) living in jurisdictions where the legislatures are taking a stand against destroying children’s bodies with hormones that effectively sterilize them, destroy their vision and bones, cause cancer and heart disease, and create irreversible changes to their external sexual characteristics (facial hair, voice, musculature, etc.). When conservatives responded to this manifest illegality, he thanked them for helping to advertise his illegal plan because he believes (probably rightly) that the law won’t touch him in Obama’s America.

Erlick is the living embodiment of my theory that wise people stay away from anyone who defines his or her existence around his sexual conduct or orientation. As a deeply unhappy boy of 13, he decided to “identify” as a woman. Since then, he dedicates every waking minute to validating his existence by getting other people to follow his path.

I would be sorry for Erlick were it not that he is, apparently, very destructive. Like many so-called “transgender women,” Erlick identifies as a lesbian (he is “openly queer”) but seems to dislike actual women.

This post has links to Erlick’s tweets about women which are, apparently, uncomplimentary and demeaning. However, because Erlick has locked down his Twitter account we can only assume that to be true.

However, the same post also has copies of multiple tweets from various women and publications accusing Erlick of grooming and even brutally raping them. These are unsubstantiated accusations, of course. Erlick has never been arrested, charged, or had the opportunity to face his accusers in a courtroom. I merely note that he has a reputation.

Image: Eli Erlick (edited). YouTube screen grab.

On Friday, Libs of TikTok caught Erlick discussing a hugely illegal scheme: Gathering up people’s excess hormone treatments and shipping them across the country, especially to teenagers:

If you had a hard time reading the tweet, here’s the pertinent language in which Erlick announces criminal conduct in which he and his friends already seem to be engaged:

If you need hormones, I’m working with a distribution network to get you access. Everything is free, no questions asked. We have hundreds of doses of testosterone, estradiol, and spironolactone available right now. All are prescribed by doctors and unused. [snip] ...missing a single dose of hormones can be devastating (especially for trans teens and those new to hormones)! [snip] ...DM me if you need HRT or if you have overprescribed hormones you’d like to send out.

That’s all kinds of illegal, from being an unlicensed purveyor of prescription drugs to shipping prescription drugs across state lines to giving illegal drugs to minors. Naturally, once Libs of TikTik discovered and broadcast Erlick’s plan, conservatives responded, most notably Matt Walsh, who is on a crusade to expose the life-destroying scam that is so-called transgenderism:

Both Matt Walsh and Libs of TikTok reported Erlick’s plan—which he already seems to have put into effect—to law enforcement:

So far, this is an ordinary story: Crazed leftist tries to drug children and gets exposed. Where the story changes is that, although Erlick did limit his Twitter account to approved eyes only, he was thrilled with the exposure he got from Libs of TikTok and Walsh. That is, rather than trying to protect himself from law enforcement, he doubled down:

(Libs of TikTok really needs to stop using the pronouns these so-called transgender people assign themselves. Erlick is not a woman. He is a man who seems to hate real women even while presenting himself as one. Don’t encourage him with pronouns.)

While Matt Walsh may speak of a trial, Erlick knows that, in Biden’s America, the LGBTQ+++ cohort is a protected class. Even if he’s already engaged in illegal activity (as opposed to theorizing about engaging in it), he fully expects the Hunter Biden treatment: The case will be “vanished” into the bowels of the FBI and/or DEA bureaucracy. He is above the law, at least until January 2025 (and, God forbid, even after that).

These people are after your children. You don’t need to try to prove a baseless conspiracy theory (invisible lines connecting imaginary dots, if you will) to make this claim. From drag queens in churches and elementary schools to teachers turning their classrooms into LGBTQ+++ shrines complete with books about pronouns and gay porn to men with gender dysphoria and serious misogyny problems boasting about getting illegal drugs to children, the LGBTQ+++ crowd is shouting its goals from the rooftops: “We want your children, and we don’t fear the federal government no matter how illegal our conduct is.”

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