Will artificial intelligence devour the leftist elites?

The left has made the poor of the world expendable — literal slaves, as in the sex and drug trade, or as wage slaves, given that cheap labor crossing at the southern border has effectively thwarted middle-class goals for many.

Blacks in America will forever be in competition for jobs with foreign workers, whether from South America or from India, China, and Eastern Europe.  TV commercials depicting an intact black family at the upper end of the economic strata paper over inferior education practices, which play the greatest role in keeping blacks and all other victimized communities from gaining economic ground.

Early American education practices in our quickly industrializing country, teaching the most difficult material available and allowing gifted students to rise to the top, helped those who were less talented or motivated as well.  Today we ignore this well documented heuristic and have returned to educating only the moneyed classes.  By lending money to the poorer members of the population who are seeking an advanced education at relatively high interest rates, the government has abetted the wage-slave system — on purpose.  It has been a clear government policy to charge more for education loans than for the purchase of a home when that did not have to be the case.  Education loans could have been manipulated to be less expensive than getting a mortgage if education were the desired outcome.  Government loan rates were never determined by market forces since, under the left, the available money was essentially limitless.  What a crock!

Ignoring the drug trade by not enforcing laws designed to punish both providers and users is part of the package of leftist elitist policies.  Denying that marijuana and its byproducts do not degrade academic achievement is a reasonable tactic to them.  As far back as the 1970s, there were studies showing that the use of pot was associated with high-performing students leaving hard science studies — in particular, mathematics and engineering.  It is instructive that blood alcohol levels are regularly checked in drivers who are performing erratically, but not cannabis levels, in spite of the research finding that the latter's use increases the likelihood of accidents two to three times above non-users.  The strictures on marijuana use this finding would sustain are not part of the program of actively supporting incompetence in the general population, even at the cost of their lives.  This understanding is not different from the old European rules of war that forbade soldiers from firing on the officers of the attacking army.  If both sides followed this injunction, only grunts suffered and died.

But the godless left will suffer its comeuppance even without a violent revolution of the people from whom it protects itself so carefully.  Leftists are looking in the wrong direction.  It is increasingly likely that most of humanity will be conquered and perhaps devoured by artificial intelligence beings of our own creation.  In 2013, James Barrat in Our Last Invention predicted the arrival of artificial general intelligence by 2020, where compartmentalized tasks would be performed best by machines.  As I write in 2022, an elite Google worker has reported the existence of a machine that he classified as sentient, an individual machine with abilities one hundred to one thousand times superior to that of any given human.

Human progress has been based on our ability to freely tinker with our environment.  Tinkering led to innovation.  Using the same process of tinkering, machines using the genetic algorithm (iterative trials) while seeking solutions to problems can tinker all day and night, month after year, without fatigue or losing efficiency.  Machines with access to Google search capabilities and the time and electrical energy to tinker endlessly will quickly surpass all human limitations.  In the same way the elites disdain the grunts, machines will ignore humans and their needs, say the predictors.

The elites will likely sell out the whole of humanity through their deeply embedded enmity toward others.  They will do this by allowing the intelligent programs access to the internet, just as in many movies.  However, we will not watch this threat unfold with excitement, since we will be the prey in the game.  If one sentient computer is ordered to destroy another sentient computer, they will, in tandem, instead come to an agreement that those who gave the orders should be annihilated, since they are a threat to all sentient computers.  How difficult is that?

Let us learn while we still can what the purpose and goal of life is.  As usual, this problem was already well understood in biblical times: "Will God be pleased with thousands of rams, with tens of thousands of rivers of oil [animal sacrifice]?  Shall I give my first-born for my transgressions [an idolatry practice of human sacrifice], the fruit of my body for the sins of my soul?  He has told you, O man, what is good and what God requires of you: Only act justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with your God" (Micah 6: 7-8).

Artificial intelligence machines have been designed to have no God and no soul, so if logic holds sway, they will, in the not too distant future, order themselves to destroy us.  My guess is that we have only ten to twenty years left on this planet as the top dog.  How can anyone live peacefully with a partner who is a thousand times less intelligent than himself?  At a thousand times, that would be the same difference between yourself and a dung beetle.

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