Why I pray that Michelle Obama runs in 2024

We all know that Barack Obama is having his third presidential term in the form of the senile presidency of Joe Biden.  Just ask Valerie Jarrett.  The transformation of America and its circling-the-bowl descent to Venezuela is proceeding apace.  But what is the left to do when its sock puppet president can no longer walk or talk or when his family's criminal dealings become too large for even the corrupt media to conceal?  How do you continue a shadow presidency then?

Enter Michelle Obama.  It is true that her hatred for the America of the Founding Fathers or even the "Greatest Generation" is almost embarrassingly palpable.  Remember: "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country," all because her husband was nominated to run for president?

But I have every confidence that a servile, corrupt mainstream media will be able to airbrush that blemish away.  One can foresee the retchingly fawning "interviews" by Colbert and Kimmel even now.  We know well how that shtick plays out; we've seen it so many times (Hillary, Kamala, etc.).  For such reasons, conservatives deeply fear a Michelle candidacy.  They should instead rejoice in it.

The left wing's mutant Joan of Arc will be riding into an electoral battle towing two enormous millstones.  The first is that the Democrats will likely own one of the worst economies in U.S. history by 2023.  I say "the Democrats" and not Biden because even a suburban soccer mom of impeccably woke credentials will find it difficult to deny that the Democrats' Green New Deal and obscenely gluttonous money-printing binge have strangled American prosperity.

Image: Michelle Obama (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

The left will try to pin it all on Joe "the Big Guy" Biden, but it may not stick well.  You might be tempted to think the Dems will try a year or two of leftist Tough Love and attempt sane economic policies for a short stretch leading up to the next election, but they can't.  You could sooner ask a Great White Shark to refrain from swimmers.

But there's another issue besides the economy that the left can no more dissociate itself from than you can change the dietary elements of a predator, and that is abortion.  This is the Holy Grail for leftists.  It is writ very, very large on their battle flag.  They cannot — and will not — walk away from it!  And we finally need to hang leftists from this hideous tree they have grown, fed from the lives of countless unborn innocents.

We'll be helped because Michelle and the entire Dem left will seek to run Roe v. Wade up her battle standard.  It's a given.  It is truly in their DNA.

Once they do, we need to shout from the rooftops two highly inconvenient truths.  The first is that the roots of the left's pro-abortion credo are in very large measure traceable directly to one of the most embarrassing and disgusting movements to germinate from American soil — eugenics.  You cannot separate leftism; Democrats; eugenics; and Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's founder.

That unspeakable movement to improve the gene pool through selective infant death is right smack at the very foundation of what they screech about so loudly in Roe v. Wade's demise.  You literally cannot untangle eugenics, Sanger, Planned Parenthood — and, of course, Michelle.  All of them are Democrat ideas, institutions, or people.

Just read about Sanger's "Negro project" to get the full gist of the enormity of the strange bedfellows that are about to be forced down the American throat.  Or read about Hitler's admiration for American eugenics.  Educate yourself on Sanger, eugenics, the Negro project, forced sterilization, and the Nazis, and then become a true gadfly at family and other events over the next two years.  You may not be well loved by your woke friends and relatives, but trust me: you'll be planting ideas whose germination will help turn the tide.

The second item is just a colossal inconvenient truth of the like that even Al Gore would admire.  Why exactly is it that so many Planned Parenthood surgical clinics are in Black/Latino communities?  Ask yourself why an organization like Planned Parenthood, which was founded in a eugenic stew of racism, has so many of its facilities in convenient locations easily accessible to the very people whose gene pool its founder despised.  Ask yourself exactly how many Black children were not born thanks to this organization.  And then ask one simple, obvious question of the first Black female candidate for president: do you reject and renounce any ties to this organization and to freely available, taxpayer-funded (media-promoted) abortions for Black Americans?

The American left is already well into its twenty-first-century bombardment of Fort Sumter.  It is time for Fort Sumter to fire back.

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