While we're complacent, the caliphate marches on...in Houston

Islam has two houses: the House of War and the House of Peace.  Under Islamic doctrine, the former (AKA jihad) leads to the latter.  Wherever Islam triumphs, peace prevails.  And who cares if it's "the peace of the grave," as Tacitus said of Roman conquests?  It's enough that the conquered people abandon their traditions and values and, instead, accept total submission to sharia law.  Islam's not shy about its goals, but we in the West repeatedly pretend quiescent moments mean that the war is over.  It's not, and footage out of Houston reminds us of that.

Writing at FrontPage Magazine, Daniel Greenfield highlights the training taking place at an Islamic school that is alleged to be in Houston, Texas.  The video, which is freely available on YouTube (unlike conservative "wrongthink" videos about vaccinations or climate) and Twitter, was purportedly filmed at the Islamic Education Center of Houston, an institution that supports Iran's Shia Islam:

That this video does indeed come from Houston is supported by the fact that the Center strongly supports the Ayatollah Khomeini, the inspiration for and first leader of the violently anti-American, anti-Western Islamic revolution:

Greenfield links to a MEMRI description of a 2019 video from the same school.  In the 2019 video, the school was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.  The student speaker celebrated Iran and castigated Israel (the Little Satan) and Saudi Arabia (the spiritual home of the Sunni Islam that is Iran's regional geopolitical enemy).  As usually happens, the speech ended with an endorsement of the Battle of Khaybar, which marked the beginning of Islam's genocidal purge of Jews and its battle cry "Allahu Akbar."

But what about the video above, the one with all those cute little kids lined up in military formation and chanting away?  What's going on there?  Well, nothing good.  Apparently, the kids singing a song that has them vowing to be martyrs for Iran's Ali Khamenei and to become the next generation of Qassem Soleimanis.

As a reminder about Islam's doctrinal commitment to Mohamed's jihadist command, it's worthwhile watching a timeline video showing Islam's brutal efficiency.  When you have Allah at your back, a sword or stinger missile in your hand, and around a billion potential fanatics at your beck and call (after all, a huge percentage of the world's Muslims claim to support Sharia law), there's not a whole lot you can't accomplish:

Contrary to Obama's boast that Islam is woven into America's earliest history, that's not true.  There's no doubt that some of the slaves brought here were Muslim and that, beginning in the 20th century, Muslims immigrated to America.  However, they were always on the periphery of America's development constitutionally, culturally, and economically.  Although we do not have a state religion (thanks to the First Amendment), the Bible and the Western culture tied to the Bible have been the ribbon twining through all aspects of American history.

It's only recently that Islam has begun to make significant inroads into American culture and politics.  It's in the House of Representatives with Andre Carson, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, all of whom embrace the most extreme Democrat policies that are intended to change American institutions.  (If Mehmet Oz wins, he'll be the first Muslim senator, although he's running as a Republican, so he currently does not seem focused on destroying traditional American norms.)

I don't care what religion someone is as long as that person embraces American norms.  The chanting young people in that video clearly want to embrace Iranian norms, just as Rashida Tlaib is open about her support for Palestinian norms and Ilhan Omar is open about her deep and abiding disdain for America.

No country can survive a huge fifth column dedicated to its destruction — and as I said at the start of this post, Islam is not shy about the fact that it's dedicated to defeating every non-Muslim nation.  We may have put 9/11 and the subsequent wars behind us, but the Islamic House of War is always ready for battle.

Image: Children supporting the Iranian Revolution in Houston.  YouTube screen grab.

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