We've finally got confirmation that Joe was 'the Big Guy' all along

Currently, Merrick Garland is seriously contemplating indicting Donald Trump for daring to do what Democrats did in 2000 and 2016: question an election's validity.  That is a dangerous ideological turn.  Meanwhile, in the land of actual facts, Miranda Devine has unearthed compelling evidence that, when Hunter's business partners were planning to have "H" hold "10%" for "the Big Guy" as part of a massive deal with a CCP-backed Chinese energy company, "the Big Guy" was Joe Biden, who had just left the vice president's office.

The background to this story is that Hunter Biden, in a drugged out haze, dropped his computer off in a Delaware repair shop and never returned to pay for the repair and pick up the computer.  And so it was that Hunter Biden's hard drive entered the public domain right before the 2020 election.  In addition to his exceptionally disgusting, debauched, and definitely illegal habits (illicit drugs, prostitutes, and possibly much worse), the laptop was also overflowing with information about Hunter's business dealings.

Some of Hunter's business dealings were already known.  For example, everyone knew that his lucrative job at Ukraine's corrupt Burisma energy company was only because his father was vice president with control over distributing U.S. funds to that equally corrupt country.  It was also well known that Hunter was doing big business with the Chinese Communist Party, America's greatest geopolitical rival, during his father's time in the Obama White House.

Image: Joe and Hunter Biden arrive in China (edited).  YouTube screen grab.

What wasn't known was whether Joe Biden was actively engaged in Hunter's business dealings.  Joe vociferously denied having anything to do with Hunter's work, although it was Joe who flew Hunter out to China on Air Force Two.

The laptop, though, yielded some interesting info: on May 13, 2017, when Joe Biden was barely out of the White House and still a power player, James Gilliar, one of Hunter's partners, wrote an email to Tony Bobulinski (a partner), with ccs to Rob Walker (another partner) and Hunter himself.  Gilliar's email detailed the breakdown of profit distributions from the deal with CEFC, that CCP-affiliated energy company:

At the moment there s [sic] a provisional agreement that the equity will be distributed as follows

20 H

20 RW

20 JG

20 TB

10 Jim

10 held by H for the big guy?

The email distribution list made it clear who most of those recipients were: H was obviously Hunter; RW was Rob Walker; JG was James Gilliar, TB was Tony Bobulinski, and Jim was almost certainly James Biden, Joe's brother, who, like Hunter, had no discernible skills but got major business contracts in whatever overseas country Joe acted on behalf of the United States.

But who was "the Big Guy"?  Joe, as noted, denied it was he.  Fifty former intelligence officials insisted that the story was Russian disinformation.  The FBI also claimed that the hard drive contained disinformation.  That seems to have been a lie.  Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has just identified credible FBI whistleblower information that the FBI knew all along that the hard drive was the real deal but lied about it, and then buried it, in order to protect Joe's candidacy.

Tony Bobulinski, however, sat down for a lengthy, detailed interview with Tucker Carlson and carefully explained that, of course, Joe was the Big Guy.  Bobulinski said he knew that fact as a matter of firsthand information.  But still, from Joe on down, it was all denial, denial, denial from the Democrats.

That all changed yesterday when Miranda Devine broke a new story about Hunter Biden's hard drive.  She came into possession of a message that James Gilliar left on October 14, 2020, when the Hunter Biden hard drive story broke.  In the message, Gilliar tried to calm an unknown person about the risks to him from the hard drive becoming public — and in the message, he explicitly referred to Joe Biden as...you guessed it..."the Big Guy":

In the message, Gilliar, 58, reassured the person that the revelations about Biden's apparent involvement in his son's foreign deals would not be damaging — regardless of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Gilliar was asked if "Hunter and/or Joe or Joe's campaign [would] try to make it 'Oh, we were never involved' … and try to basically make us collateral damage?"

"I don't see how that would work for them…" Gilliar responded in the 6.07 p.m. message reviewed by The Post.

"I think in the scenario that he wins they would just leave sleeping dogs lie," Gilliar added.

"If they lose, honestly, I don't think that the Big Guy really cares about that because he'll be too busy focusing on all the other s--- he is doing."

In the law, we call that "the smoking gun," for it seems to provide solid proof that Joe Biden sold access to the United States government, with his louche, debauched son as the bagman.  That is, as Tucker says in his excellent monologue, both illegal and immoral:

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