Tucker Carlson's latest on 'green' energy is mandatory viewing

When Congress — the people's representatives — had the chance to vote on the Green New Deal, it emphatically said "no."  Were we still a functioning representative democracy, that would be the end of the Green New Deal until such time as We the People elect (God forbid) a majority of senators and House members who want that legislation.  The unconstitutional leftist model since FDR, though, has been for the Executive Branch to do what Congress refuses to do, and, sadly, Chief Justice Roberts's spineless opinion in West Virginia v. EPA has done nothing to limit that lawless power.

We now have a situation in which Biden has unchallenged and outsized executive powers and the EPA has unlimited regulatory power (both of which, I can assure you, were never meant to control America's entire energy supply).  The result is that the Democrats are relentlessly clamping down on our available energy supplies.

In a pre-modern era, energy came from four sources: primitive wind and water power, animal abuse, and slavery (the last of which was not, although I'm sure leftists will deny it, a uniquely American phenomenon).  In the modern era, fossil fuel has allowed humans to break free from these limited and abusive energy systems.  Farms produce a surplus, water is cleaned, medical care is readily available, homes are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and so much more.  Rather than listing everything that undergirds our world thanks to fossil fuel, I challenge you to list a single thing in your life that does not rely on fossil fuel for its functionality, manufacture, or transport.

Image: Tucker Carlson.  YouTube screen grab.

Also in pre-modern times, if the energy supplies failed (the wind stopped blowing, the water stopped flowing, and the slaves and/or animals died from disease), there were two inevitable results: famine and then, once the people were sufficiently weakened, deadly epidemic disease, not on a COVID scale (~1% of the total population), but on a cataclysmic scale, whether it was a single nation seeing tens of thousands dying from smallpox or typhus, or one third to one half of the world's entire population dying from the plague.

Leftists, like all Jacobins, are uninterested in history.  Just as the French Revolution decided its new form of government was a new social order that required a new calendar, declaring that 1792 was the Year One, our modern revolutionaries have a time scale that looks only to the future.

George Orwell fully understood and perfectly illustrated in 1984 how the past exists only to justify the left's current and future policies.  If the past isn't helpful, it must be ignored or rewritten.  What this means is that leftists cannot learn from the past.  All they can do, rather like crossing a raging river on the backs of alligators, is just keep erasing their mistakes and assuring a beleaguered population that the newly rewritten past fully justifies their future plans.  This technique lasts for only so long; then you get hungry, desperate Sri Lankans storming the president's palace.

Tucker Carlson understands all this.  He understands all nation's needs for energy, he understands that solar and wind power cannot serve a modern nation's needs, and he understands that the leftists are lying and cheating to circumvent the constitutional limitations on despotism.  I often say that something Tucker did is a "must-see" because it so perfectly (and often amusingly) encapsulates an issue.  This time, I'm telling you that Carlson's latest monologue is a must-see because it's a warning bell.  If we ignore it, frankly, we're doomed.  I want him to be a prophet with honor in his own country, rather than a Cassandra, futilely warning a doomed nation about its elites' disastrous policies.

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