The WH press secretary's statement about illegal aliens in DC is illuminating

The first Biden administration press secretary, Jen Psaki, was snarky and dishonest, but she wasn't stupid.  The same cannot be said about Karine Jean-Pierre.  Jean-Pierre, who defines herself by her race, sex, and sexuality, rather than by her abilities (which is really sad when you think about it), is staggeringly bad at her job, daily exposing the vast chasm behind her eyes and between her ears.  The latest example is her response when asked about why it's fine for the administration to fly illegal aliens across America but not fine for Texas to send them to Biden's and Jean-Pierre's hometown of Washington, D.C.

So, when they do it, it's an altruistic action intended to share with Americans the good fortune to have their communities flooded with illiterate, unskilled people, many of whom are cartel members and all of whom are here illegally, speak no English, and come for the welfare seeded into American communities.  But when Texas, with a completely broken, dangerous border, shares this bounty of humanity with D.C., those same people become political pawns.

Many were quick to spot the hypocrisy (hat tip: Twitchy):

Those and many others who made the same point are correct.  But there's a little more going on here.

Jean-Pierre is a halfwit.  I'm sorry, but it's true.  There is no knowledge or intelligence driving her responses.  She's almost like my old Chatty Cathy doll: pull the cord, and a random statement comes out.  That she is the communication face of the Biden administration is open to several interpretations.  First, we are being governed by halfwits, which is bad.  Second, we are governed by people who believe that the American people are halfwits, which is worse.

And then there's the third, and worst, possible conclusion: we are governed by people who couldn't care less about what Americans think.  This means that, looking ahead to the elections, the Biden administration is confident that it's got the systems locked up so tightly that even if the American people push back a bit in November, come the 2024 election, we'll see a solid repeat of what happened in 2020 — namely, an election that Republicans cannot possibly win, whether in the White House or in Congress.

Image: Karine Jean-Pierre.  Twitter screen grab.

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