The war on fossil fuels is concluding — and the good guys are losing

There are several entities that saw a benefit in declaring war on fossil fuel: the environmentalists who are so historically illiterate that they believe that a world without fossil fuels will be a bucolic paradise rather than a Hobbesian nightmare; the leftists who want to break the West to rebuild it as a socialist paradise; the Great Reset/New World Order crowd, which envisions happy, possession-free serfs; and the Chinese, who foresee a bloodless conquest of the West, which, believe me, will not be anybody's paradise.  While the winner among these groups isn't clear, the loser is coming into focus: ordinary people across the Western world.  The latest example comes from Germany.

In 2018, President Trump warned Germany, which was proudly shutting down its own coal production and refineries, not to become dependent on Russia's oil and gas:

Reliance on a single foreign supplier can leave a nation vulnerable to extortion and intimidation. That is why we congratulate European states, such as Poland, for leading the construction of a Baltic pipeline so that nations are not dependent on Russia to meet their energy needs. Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course.

Germany and other European countries, basking in Greta Thunberg's approval and wallowing in their virtue, sneered at Trump's words and went their own way.  And then, in 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine.  There is no "I told you so" big enough to encompass Trump's prescience.

Image: What the Green New Deal will really look like (Van Gogh's Peasant woman cooking by fireplace).

In Germany, reports ZeroHedge, a disaster is unfolding:

German energy giant and distressed nat gas utility Uniper, which is among the companies most exposed to Russian natural gas, has started using gas it was storing for the winter after Russia cut deliveries to Europe, increasing pressure on Berlin as the German energy giant needs to be rescued "in a few days."

The country's top buyer of Russian gas started withdrawing fuel from storage sites to supply its customers, the company said in a statement to Bloomberg on Friday. The drawdowns, which began on Monday, will also help the company to save some cash as it has been forced to pay up for gas in the spot market. Meanwhile, flows through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline remain shut for maintenance.

Harald Seegatz, deputy chairman of the supervisory board, said that Uniper needs urgent help, risking insolvency within days.

"We are currently reducing our own gas volumes in our storage facilities in order to supply our customers with gas and to secure Uniper's liquidity," the company said. And judging by the flatlining of German gas storage in inventory, Uniper is not alone in draining reserves.

"We cannot wait for weeks to do something," Seegatz told Bloomberg in a phone interview. "That would have a huge impact on the company and also on the employees. The government said it wants to avoid this situation, but the fact is that we cannot lose time."

In other words, Germany is facing a total industrial collapse; meanwhile, the media continues to repeat the increasingly more laughable propaganda that Putin is losing the war.

(Go to the link to see the stunning charts.)

My friend Wolf Howling has put together a list of the disasters unfolding across the world — Holland, Sri Lanka, Ghana — thanks to naïve governments or opportunistic elites who threw all their eggs into the green energy basket.  Obama was willing to do that to America, but Trump gave us a four-year respite.

Now the Democrats are again trying to suck us back into a pre-modern time, although it's unclear whether our ultimate overlords will be homegrown socialists, New World Order elites, or the Chinese.  (The environmentalists are useless; they're part of the wrecking ball, not part of the next phase.)  Even though Congress refused to sign on to the madness of the Green New Deal, Biden's rogue administrative state is going full speed ahead.

If you want to understand the massive fraud that's being foisted upon us by multiple groups, all anxious to end the West's centuries of dominance and, especially, the prosperous Pax Americana, take the time to read the too-little-heralded testimony that William Happer and Richard Lindzen gave in Congress last month.  We are the victims of an enormous con that threatens to throw the world into darkness — and we're currently beginning the very last battle in this sustained war.

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