The terror of a Trump presidency

Nothing strikes terror into leftist hearts like the idea that God exists or that there will be another Trump presidency.

The latter is our focus here.  Trump has the magic touch when it comes to outing their clandestine plans to conquer America for socialism, communism, and Marxism.

So far, the left have managed to make great strides toward destroying some American institutions: education, entertainment, media, the Church, government.  This last, the swamp, is where Trump has aimed his poisoned arrows.

Government is the home of entrenched bureaucrats who tack hard left and who have outsized power compared to their position and pay grade.  Those people who run agencies such as the EPA, the FCC, the IRS, the FBI, the CDC, the SEC, and others are not elected and are thus not accountable to American voters for their actions.  They cannot be voted out, and so they are welcomed by Democrats and other leftists in Congress because they are the people actually making policy.

POTUS Trump instituted Schedule F, which removed the protections these powerful employees enjoyed against being fired.  On Biden's first few days in office, he rescinded Trump's executive order implementing Schedule F, which reveals how much Biden's administration relied on agency actions rather than on the legislative process.  While congressional Democrats are making a lot of noise about the "obstructionism" of Republicans, these protected agency heads and employees are making crucial policies that affect every American.

Along comes Trump this week in a speech for YAF (Young Americans for Freedom), where he terrorized the left again by saying that he would immediately upon becoming POTUS reinstate Schedule F, enabling him to fire an entire army — up to 50,000 — of powerful but unaccountable civil "servant" bureaucrats who are making policy.  These policies affect vital functions of American life.

The left are terrorized, quaking, making every effort to destroy Trump's ability to raise money, to speak freely, and to energize his followers.  They know that Trump has exceptional abilities when it comes to striking at the core of problems: if you build a wall, you keep out illegals.  If you pump your own oil, you become energy independent.  If you lower taxes, you get more revenue and more consumer spending.  If you pay people not to work, your labor force goes down, and everyone else has to pay for their sloth in raised taxes.  Trump's ability to see around corners has the left petrified because they have been manic about making sure Americans cannot see around those corners.  They have censored, omitted, and vilified such topics wherever they have had a chance of seeing the sanitizing light of day.

If Trump runs again, he will face the screeching, tormented frenzies of the damned.  The entire leftist apparatus around the world, not just in America, will marshal its offense against him.

We can think about this right now and prepare for it, or we can do what Republicans often foolishly do: wait until after the fact to attempt to repair the damage done.  We have to be as single-minded as the left, and that is difficult for conservatives, who tend to shy away from conflict.

Now is the time when American patriotism and optimism must shine.  Americans must dust off and check our armory of political and cultural weaponry to see if the weapons are primed.  If we are not prepared this time, we will have victory snatched from us again.  Unpreparedness is for imbeciles.  It is unforgivable, knowing what we know now.

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida talked about this just this week by referencing the battle preparations in the Book of Ephesians in the Bible: 

If you're running for the legislature, if you're just a concerned citizen going to a school board meeting, you're going to a public meeting, standing up and speaking the truth and standing for the right things at this moment in time is not cost free. When you're in this situation and you have all these different forces that are basically trying to muddy the waters, they're trying to create blizzard of lies to blind all of us from what's actually going on, when you're willing, in that environment, to just stand up and speak the truth, they're gonna hit you, they're gonna hit you and they're gonna hit you. ... You gotta be ready for battle. So put on the full armor of God. Take a stand against the left's schemes. Stand firm with the belt of truth buckled around your waist. You will face fire from flaming arrows, but the shield of faith will protect you.

And so, we call on Americans of good faith and conservative mind to act in every nook and cranny of American life to do what they can do right now to assure secure voting places and policies, and to be aware of hard men and women who breathe deceit and who lack scruples.  Everyone running for GOP positions needs to be carefully vetted for a past that includes Democrat or liberal sympathies.  Liberals are now running under the GOP banner as a way to infiltrate and undermine conservative policies and governance.

We cannot afford a President Mitt Romney or President Gavin Newsom.  We are Americans.  We need a Trumpian POTUS, or even Trump himself, with all his flaws, but also with all his talent and his ability to rally the conservative troops.

Leftists cannot fight on our ground because their gods are toothless.  But never let fear enter the heart of a good man or woman who loves God and who loves America as founded.  Our God reigns, and this, as well as another Trump presidency, strikes terror in the hearts of the left.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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