The left's obsession with transgenderism is barbaric

How to explain the Democrat party's obsession with transgenderism, with shoving it down the throats of every American, from ages five and up?

It's inexplicable.

Does every registered Democrat support confusing small children with gender identity indoctrination?  That can't be true.

But school districts across the country are using books about all manner of sexual issues, including pornography, topics way beyond the grasp of small children.  And they are using those books without parents' knowledge.  When parents discover these books and object, they are threatened.  Grooming, a word that once applied to other cultures or the worst sadists — grooming young children for sex with adults — now applies to public schools in America with the full support of American Democrats in Congress.

No sentient person can legitimately, in good conscience, believe that the sex of an infant should be excluded from birth certificates or that it is fair for male athletes to compete against girls because they identify as female.  This is putting an end to women in sports.

The Biden administration is particularly preoccupied with the "plight" of trans people, as if they were a significant proportion of the population.  They are not.  They are about 0.6%, according to the CDC.  And for that 0.6%, people are canceled, fired from their jobs, banned from Twitter, et al. if they use a wrong pronoun or make a comment deemed transphobic.  It's all surreal.

Trans people are not denied any rights guaranteed to all citizens.  The suggestion that they are is ludicrous.  They want to be treated as a special class of persons deserving of special privileges.

What are those special privileges?  Their activists demand that the rest of the population submit to their requirements.  Education must be reformed according to their particular dysphoria.  That the left has chosen to die on this hill is insane.  It has become a form of mass psychosis.

The Biden administration and the Democrat party have made it their number-one issue, and the ever-and-always weak Republicans are go along to get along.  God forbid they be called "transphobic."  Most Republicans in Congress are deathly afraid of being branded with any of the words the left uses to sabotage good people: racist, white supremacist, homophobic, transphobic. 

Newly installed Supreme Court justice Ketanji Brown Jackson could not, would not define the word "woman" when asked.  She said she couldn't because she's not a biologist!

And after that absurd answer, she was still confirmed.

Josh Hawley's exchange with a Berkeley law professor, Khiara Bridges, says it all.  The hearing was about abortion, clearly a women's issue.  Hawley asked what she meant by her phrase "people with the capacity for pregnancy."  She replied that his question was transphobic and would incite violence against trans persons.  She insisted that "not all women have the capacity for pregnancy and that some trans men and non-binary people do!"  To note that the professor was and is shockingly arrogant and disrespectful goes without saying.  What is so frightening is that she has been so thoroughly indoctrinated, so deluded by this ultimately tragic issue, that it is clear that she actually believes the nonsense she is spewing.

People like this woman (can we call her a woman?) could not care less about what they are doing to the young people who are gender-confused, thanks in large part to the left and the media.  Put them on life-threatening drugs that will render them sterile, and support the mutilating surgeries that will sentence them to a lifetime of miserable medical problems — all of which will, in the end, destroy their lives.

Congressional Democrats are all for it. Biden is so proud of the trans people he has hired when it is abundantly clear that are each of them has been appointed only to fulfill his woke requirement.  No amount of drugs or surgeries will make them the sex other than the one they were at birth and still are.

Matt Walsh's film What Is a Woman? should be required viewing for every member of Congress, but like the media, they will trash it without watching it. 

Walsh's film explores the sheer lunacy of the adults who push the drugs and medical interventions on very young gender-confused children.  These self-appointed experts lie incessantly about the debilitating, life-altering effects of the puberty-blockers, the same drugs used in chemical castration on imprisoned pedophiles.  One voice of sanity in the film is Dr. Miriam Grossman, who has been fighting to expose the "dangers and falsehoods of the gender [transition] industry" for decades.  She also recommends the website PITT, Parents With Inconvenient Truths about Trans.

Democrat members of Congress would be wise to read a bit of the heartbreaking stories recounted on those pages.  "Rachel" Levine, Biden's assistant secretary of health, is lying through his teeth when he says "gender affirmation drugs and surgeries are a blessing to trans kids."  At least he waited until adulthood to attempt to become a woman.  He has no business trying to sell the whole package to pre-pubescent children.

Bookworm asks, why, when a young child confesses gender confusion, is that child not given the hormones of his original sex rather than hormones of the sex he claims to want to be?  Good question.  Why are such kids automatically shoved into a hormonal nightmare that will change everything about their young bodies forever?  And again, why is the American left so determined to make trangenderism the most pressing issue of our time? 

One thing we should all know by now is that the left despises children.  Despite Nancy Pelosi's oft-repeated mantra for everything — "it's for the children" — the left has long made clear its antipathy for children.

How else to explain their mania that abortion be legal and encouraged up to and even after the moment of birth?  Safe, legal, and rare, once the slogan for limited abortion, has been cast aside in favor of infanticide.  The nuclear family must be destroyed in order to gain control over "the children."  As for educating the children?  No more of that — indoctrination all the way.  American history?  Reverence for our Constitution?  No way.  They must learn only that America is a racist nation, marred forever by slavery even though nearly 700,000 Americans gave their lives to end it as of 1865.  So the use and abuse of children to normalize and medicalize gender dysphoria is not surprising, but it is surely depraved.

There are ways and methods to help such kids without ruining their bodies, without condemning them to a lifetime of health crises.  What the left is advocating, cramming into the minds of small children, often to the exclusion of parents, is truly barbaric.

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