The coming word-salad bar in the Oval Office

Much has been written of late of the various ways Democrats can preclude having V.P. Kamala Harris as their presidential nominee in '24.

And I'm here to tell you, it ain't happening.

Here's why.

I've watched more than a few of my dental patients, as well as my own mom, go through the terrible unraveling of senile dementia.  What you hope for at any given point in the disease process is for the patient to enjoy a plateau, a significant period of time where his symptoms don't worsen.  But, sadly, that's a false hope.

When the wheels fall off for dementia patients, every day brings new problems, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I remember thinking, one morning, that my senile mother seemed pretty alert and upbeat.  Then I found her pocketbook in the fridge, and when I gave it back to her, she angrily asked who the hell I was.

So I'm unfortunately well aware of the stages of dementia.  And poor Joe Biden is far along that sad path.

He can't really speak extemporaneously anymore — too many moving mental parts for him to make sense.  Of late, even his ability to read has gone downhill; he's having problems making sense even while staring at a large-font teleprompter.  It won't be long before he can no longer read at all.

Biden's increasingly frail, stooped, and unsteady on his feet.  When he's not falling up the stairs to Air Force One, he's falling off his bike.  He'll need a walker or a wheelchair before long, maybe sooner if he takes a bad tumble, a common occurrence in elderly dementia-sufferers.

Emotionally, Biden's entered the phase of dementia where little things — like softball questions from the Democrat-boot-licking press — make him angry.  When not calling his questioners fat or stupid sons-of-b------, he loudly hectors them until Dr. Jill, or a White House aide, or even the Easter Bunny leads him away.  

Add to this the scared, squinting, mouth-open look now on Biden's face; his garbled speech; and — based on reports from our president's visit with the pope — the likelihood that Joe's increasingly incontinent, and you can only come to one conclusion.

Joe Biden can't possibly last another two and a half years as president.  His dementia is progressing much too rapidly.

This means that, soon, the world will witness the swearing in of America's first black female president.  And won't President Harris's inaugural address be a word salad to remember!

Imagine an entire thirty minutes of gibberish, mindless repetition, dangling participles, and pronoun-antecedent errors, all spiced with an unseemly and inappropriate cackle that makes Hillary Clinton sound like Maria Callas.  Sometime before November '24, you won't have to imagine that scenario.  It's going to happen.

And what Democrat, other than another black woman like Oprah or Moochelle Obama, is going to primary President Kammy in '24?

None, if they don't want to be called racist or sexist or both for the rest of their miserable existence.

Democrats rely heavily on blacks simply voting for anyone with a "D" after his name, as roughly 90% of black voters do.  The Dems simply can't afford to run anyone but "Heels Up" Harris in '24, or that particular electoral group may well start to think for themselves, much as Hispanic-Americans are now doing.

So that's what's sure to happen in the near future: the total incapacitation of Joe Biden followed up by the farce of a laughing President Harris regularly serving up mumbo-jumbo on a bed of fresh word salad.

And when it comes to Trump-Harris in '24, I've got my money — if I have any left after the Bidenburg Disaster — on the Ultra-MAGA King.  God willing, Cackling Kammy will join the list of ten presidents, including Gerald Ford and John Kennedy, who served less than one term.

God willing.

Image: Gage Skidmore.

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