The best the NFL could come up with to lead its social justice initiative is an anti-Jew, anti-Asian rap star?

The NFL appears to be trying to avoid kneeling on the field and other demonstrations by its progressive African American players by hiring on a racial hatemonger who has called for violence against Jews and Asians.  Chuck Ross has the story at the Free Beacon:

Ice Cube, whose real name is O'Shea Jackson, has in his songs referred to a Jewish music producer as a "white Jew" and "cracker" and Asian shopkeepers as "little Chinese motherfucker[s]." He is also an admirer of Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam leader who has called Jews wicked and compared them to "termites."

Now, Ice Cube will lead the NFL's "economic equity" program to spur partnerships with black–owned businesses. The partnership is through the rapper's Contract With Black America Institute, which supports reparations and affirmative action for secondary schools and colleges.

Here is picture from Ice Cube's Twitter account of the two men together:

Ice Cube at the time denied allegations of anti-Semitism, but the scandal renewed scrutiny of songs from earlier in his career that urge violence against Asians and Jewish music executive Jerry Heller.

In the track "No Vaseline" from the 1991 album Death Certificate, Ice Cube called Heller a "white Jew" and "cracker."

"Get rid of that devil real simple. Put a bullet in his temple," he rapped.

In "Black Korea," the rapper threatened to "burn" Asian-owned stores "to a crisp" over perceived racial profiling. He referred to the store owners as "little Chinese motherfucker[s]" and "Oriental one penny countin' motherfuckers."

Supposedly, the NFL is winning back fans who stopped watching games on TV or in the stands.  But this catering to and spreading the hate of a man who urges the murder of non-black minorities ought to be the straw that breaks the camel's back for many of them.  The NFL has lost me forever now.

Photo credit: Twitter.

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