Some ideas for a new Contract with America

Republicans seem to think they can win the House and Senate by sitting back and watching the Democrats implode with Joe Biden, and perhaps they’re right.

But they can do better for sure if they articulate a clear vision and program, acknowledging that with Biden sitting at the Resolute Desk, a lot may be vetoed. 

So what? These days that’s tantamount to an endorsement. Make him Biden sign, or run on the program again in 2024 and retake the executive. Play offense!

Here’s my take: Contract with America v2.0.

The following is modeled on Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey’s Contract with America of 1994. It’s a one-pager: I say punch, don’t paint.

American Values: Integrity, Citizenship, Independence, Opportunity, Sovereignty, Fairness, Pride

Integrity: Bring runaway government spending and inflation under control through a balanced budget. Budget negotiations must occur and resolve within a time limit. If the time limit is exceeded, budget reverts to previous with automatic across-the-board cuts implemented.

Sovereignty: Regain control of the border and immigration itself. Re-authorize expenditures and completion of border security measures.

Integrity: Investigate Hunter Biden; bring impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden.

Integrity & Fairness: Hold hearings on the FBI and DOJ’s two-tiered justice system.

Fairness: Restore civil rights to incarcerated January 6 prisoners.

Sovereignty, Opportunity: Restore American energy self-sufficiency with legislated regulatory reform. Restore the Keystone XL pipeline.

Citizenship: Reclaim federal legislative authority from the agencies, a.k.a., Deep State. No more agency-initiated federal vaccine mandates or lockdowns.

Citizenship: Give education back to the people. Abolish the Department of Energy.

Citizenship:  Enact legislation to ensure that only state legislatures can enact laws and procedures respecting federal election administration.

Citizenship: One federal rule regarding elections: All voters must present ID in person establishing citizenship in order to vote in federal elections. ID must be presented before each election for federal office.

Fairness: Reform Section 230 of the United States Communications Decency Act (CDA): When electronic network services acts as publishers, not “merely platforms,” they should be treated like publishers with full legal liability.

Privacy, Independence, Integrity:  Establish an enforceable property right in personal digital data.

Citizenship: Only the Congress can declare war, or channel support to others’ war-like activity. Require that the president seek approval from Congress for war except in cases of immediate threat to the territorial U.S. Put teeth into the War Powers Act.

Pride: Federal agencies must ensure at least a citizenship level knowledge of U.S. Great State Papers and shall enact education programs to provide such knowledge to all employees. All personnel must be certified “competent” in the principles behind the U.S. federal government structures. Passing grades must be high. Require retesting until achieved.

Pride: Only the American flag may be displayed in front of federal agencies and offices.

Pride, Sovereignty: All investments made on behalf of federal employees’ retirement accounts must be in companies headquartered in the U.S. producing products with at least 75% domestic American content. Period. 

Image:, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

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