Sexual inequality is a permanent fact

Inequality is not the same as unfairness.  For example, small children are not the equals of adults.  There is no unfairness in that.  On the contrary, try to imagine the disaster that would ensue if three-year-old children were expected to earn their own living.  

True, we are all equal in many respects, particularly in regard to our God-given rights (which are different from the contrived rights invented by the social left).  But there are also many inherent inequalities among people — so many as to make it obvious that we cannot reasonably hope for equal outcomes.  This is patently true of the sexes.  It always has been, and despite the cruelest efforts of the left, it always will be.  

There is nothing that can be done to make the sexes equal.  Indeed, attempts to do so have actually made matters worse for both sexes, especially for women.

Let's be clear.  This commentary is not a set-up for a sexist manifesto.  Far from it, it is a call for true fairness — fairness to both sexes, fairness that provides for the greatest fulfillment of each individual life.

Again, it is necessary to depart from the myth that the sexes are equal.  Yes, there is considerable overlap in our abilities, in our emotions, and in our intellects.  There are also, however, many good and natural differences.   

Most of these differences used to be recognized, both in the general culture and in law.  That the distinctions have considerably faded was largely brought about by technology, which in turn was reflected in cultural norms, much of which is for the good.  Unfortunately, the social left seized upon the changes to enact, into both law and culture, the absurd ideology that sexual differences are at best irrelevant and at worst an injustice to women.  

Technology in the West has made life easier for most of us.  The daily chores of farming and housekeeping used to require many hours and much physical exertion for both sexes.  The introduction of powered appliances, such as washing machines for women and motorized tractors for men, enabled greater productivity.

While both sexes benefited from these inventions, the effect for women was revolutionary.  With fewer and easier demands on their time and muscles, women began to exercise more of their intellectual prowess.  Many women continued to be held back by the anachronistic mindset that women belonged only in the kitchen, but over the years, this mindset gradually gave way to the increased harnessing of women's abilities in the fields of business, science, and engineering, among others.  

But then trouble began.  It seems that the sexes have different areas of interest and are thus unequally attracted toward particular careers.  Perhaps as a holdover from many thousands of years, the male brain remains more oriented toward physical endeavors, women more toward the emotional skills needed for caretaking, especially of children.  While there is overlap, the result is that men tend to dominate in fields such as engineering, while women do so in nursing.  There are important statistical variances, but by and large, the "sexual stereotypes" prevail.  

Unfortunately, this greater freedom of choice came to be misunderstood by egalitarians, who gained a great deal of political power.  They asked, why do not women constitute fifty percent of every occupation, and at every level on the pay scale?  The answer, according to them, had to be in the unfairness of the oppressor males.

There is not enough space here to detail all the ramifications, and we have not even discussed career fields that require the degree of physical strength that, with only rare exceptions, only men possess.  Most Americans are aware how the public debate went and how it continues.  

We are now at a crisis point — one in which radical leftist ideology is running roughshod over common sense and trampling freedom.  

The tiny proportion of people with various sexual identity disorders is being used as an excuse in the attempt to obliterate sexually defined roles from the social order.  This has reached criminal proportions, as very small children are being recruited by teachers into the ranks of sexual deviants (a term not necessarily a pejorative).  Same-sex "marriage" has been codified into an artificial legal right.  Abortion is being used in an attempt to eliminate the final, and greatest, perceived unfairness of all: the biological fact of motherhood.  

To be sure, no ideology can override natural law — neither the laws governing gravity nor the ones governing essential human nature.  But in its attempt to do so in the social realm, in its endeavors to contrive an unnatural form of equality and fairness, the social left is destroying society, and along with it the lives of men, women, and especially children.  

The ideologues will inevitably lose, but not until the horrific damage they are inflicting has reached the precipice of total destruction and awakened the sleeping giant.  Until then, we must resist.

Image via Pixabay.

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