Ridiculous overkill in raid of retired Texas couple outside Capitol on January 6

An account was published Sunday in the San Marcos Record of a massive late June raid on a couple in rural Hays County, Texas that resulted in no arrest.  The scale of forces deployed and the tactics used seem designed to intimidate and punish, especially considering the fact that the couple never entered the U.S. Capitol on June 6, and were guilty only of being Trump-supporters who were peacefully demonstrating.

Lora DeWolfe and Darrel Kennemer were startled when FBI agents, during the pre-dawn hours on June 22, broke through their gate leading up to their home which sits on seven acres in rural Hays County. (snip)

Kennemer, concerned, sprung out of bed, grabbed his AR-15 and stepped onto the porch wearing only his briefs.

The couple watched as several other vehicles, estimated between 20-30, poured onto the property, including one armored vehicle with a battering ram.

FBI agents demanded Kennemer "drop his rifle" as they exited the approaching vehicle. Kennemer responded asking if officials had a warrant, and to show him.

Agents instead began tossing a series of flashbang grenades at the 67-year-old after which Kennemer realized a group of targeting lasers on him that forced him to lay down his weapon.

The couple was placed into handcuffs, taken away from their house, and questioned while their home was being searched.

Kennemer said it wasn't only members of the FBI present, but ATF and SWAT, too.

"All present I would say upwards of 100 agents, at an astronomical cost to the taxpayer, were on site," Kennemer said. "The warrant wasn't even a 'no knock' warrant. It could have been served with a simple knock on our door during daylight hours."

During this time, a plane was circling the property as well as drones, according to DeWolfe.

Daniel Kennemer and Lora DeWolfe (courtesy photo via the San Marcos Record).

When agents attempted to take the couple off the property, Kennemer protested:

"I told them, 'you're not taking me off this property,'" Kennemer said. "They were driving slowly toward the gate, and I kept telling them 'you're taking me off this property without arresting me.' We got closer to the gate, and I said it with a lot more firmness, 'you're not taking me off this property,' and they stopped."

Kennemer said agents got the two away from their house for 5 to 6 hours, allowing them plenty of time to search the premises. When it was over agents had taken their cell phones, which they haven't gotten back, and any Trump memorabilia.

The couple was eventually released without being arrested. Agents later produced a search warrant saying Kennemer was suspected of "assaulting, resisting or impeding" officers and "entering restricted buildings or grounds."

In the end, the raid seems kind of pointless, especially considering that a daytime visit by one or two agents could have accomplished the same thing.  It seems that the raid itself was extra-judicial punishment.

Read the whole thing for more details.

Hat tip: Ross Bond.

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