Revenge of the rubes

As some of you may recall, Rick Wilson — the neoconservative cofounder of the Lincoln Project — once referred to Trump-supporters as "credulous boomer rubes" during an appearance on CNN.  To his credit, his sentiment is genuine.  These snobbish pedantic cosmopolitans have utter contempt for the American working class.  Rick Wilson, however, is just one of many pseudo-intellectual faux conservatives who often appear on CNN panels and write Washington Post op-eds.  Others include George Will, Bill Kristol, David French, Jonah Goldberg, and Max Boot.

Conservatism, much to their dismay, has taken a populist turn in recent years.  Conservative Americans are visiting sites like Breitbart, the Daily Caller, and American Thinker much more frequently than they are subscribing to David French's Substack.  The fact of the matter is that Bush-era country club conservatism has been widely rejected.  To that I say: thank God!  George Will can take his nerdy frames and obnoxious bowtie somewhere else while we tune in to Tucker Carlson — who, by the way, no longer dons his bowtie. 

We must leave left-leaning neoconservatives in the rearview mirror and embrace this new wave of America-First populism.  Let the Rick Wilsons of the world slander us as "rubes"!  We will retaliate by discontinuing our subscriptions to their globalist websites and newsletters and opt instead for real conservative publications.  I suggest that we steal the term "rube" and wear it with pride!  Let us stage a revenge of the rubes!

Image: Picryl.

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