Poor Cassidy Hutchinson: Naïve, used, and abused...or shamelessly ambitious?

The hapless Cassidy Hutchinson "testified" before the moonbat panel of Trump-haters.  Her "testimony" was fraught with "I was in the vicinity of a conversation," "I heard something to the effect of," "I overheard"...the girl could testify only to hearsay.

Her performance was pathetic.  She was used and abused, most probably by Liz Cheney.  The other members of the committee seemed to know not a thing about what this "emergency witness" was going to say.  She was Liz's surprise witness, and, comically, no one thought to check her story, which was chock-full of lies — lies that were exposed within hours of that "emergency testimony."

YouTube screen grab (cropped).

So who is this pitiful young woman?  She was an aide to Mark Meadows, about whom she lied as well; neither he nor Giuliani sought pardons from President Trump.  The Secret Service agents she cited have both denied her claims that Trump "grabbed the steering wheel" or assaulted one of them in an attempt to go to the Capitol that day.  She even identified a note as one she had written that day when even Cheney knew that was a lie; it was written by Eric Herschmann.  She was apparently hoping for a job with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago but then was not hired for a position there.  Could she be mad?

As Greg Gutfeld commented, her appearance "made the Hindenburg look like a fender-bender."  Keep in mind that she had testified five times before this committee previously but then changed lawyers and suddenly came up with an entirely different story.  Was she threatened?  Paid a large amount of money?  Promised fame and fortune?  Maybe she just wanted her fifteen minutes of fame.  She got less than that before her tall tale was exposed as a tissue of lies

Does Ms. Hutchinson have parents?  Of course she does, assuming they are still among the living.  Did she consult them before submitting to being used by Cheney in such a public forum?  Did they advise her against being a tool for a political witch hunt, or are they proud of her prevarications?  Who knows?  She clearly does not adhere to a value system of truth over politics.  She perhaps sought fame and fortune but she was, in the end, used and abused, by Cheney, the committee at large and by the media who blindly accepted every word she uttered as truth even though it was risibly unbelievable.

Pundits at Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC all swallowed her story as if it were gospel, without even attempting to ask the Secret Service men she cited for confirmation.  The Trump-haters are such willing dupes.  Hutchinson is clearly a willing dupe as well.  She will either be forgotten by next week or offered a job at MSNBC; that channel, like CNN and increasingly Fox News as well, traffics in falsity every minute of every day, and those who run it are proud of their deceitful guile.  For inexplicable reasons, our culture has brought people like Joy Reid, Joe Scarborough and his hapless wife Mika, Don Lemon, Nicolle Wallace, etc. into our homes to spew their hatred for all things conservative.

These people, Liz Cheney and the media, believe they are far superior to those of us who see the world in a different light.  They mock our respect for life, for religious faith of any variety; they mock the traditional family.  We deplorables are, as Wanda Sykes recently opined

The problem is that middle stuff. It is those states in the middle, that red stuff. Why do they get to tell us what to do, where the majority of us live out, New York, California, and we are paying for all this crap, really.

Sykes asserted this to Stephen Colbert, seemingly clueless to the fact that the food on her table comes from that "middle [redneck] stuff."  Obviously Sykes, like every woman on The View, has zero understanding of the Constitution, democracy, or our representative republic.  None.  She, like her ignorant counterparts, will hear and read all that Cassidy Hutchinson had to say and think she spoke the truth when in fact she is just another pawn of the left, paraded out to destroy Trump, the best President since Reagan.  There are the old and oft-cited, possibly apocryphal, words of Mark Twain: "A lie can travel half way around the world before the truth puts on its shoes."  This time, a young tool of the left got caught.  Her lies were demolished by the truth within hours of her appearance before the committee.  Liz Cheney should be very, very ashamed of herself, but she is not.  She is very likely proud of her despicable deception. 

The J6 "select committee" has been a show trial from the outset.  Pelosi banned any Republicans from sitting on the panel except for the two Trump-hating RINOs, Cheney and crybaby Kinzinger.  At that moment, Kevin McCarthy should have blown it up, quashed the whole thing, rendered it neutered.  He should have advised any person called before this sham "investigative group" to ignore its phony subpoenas and made it clear that this was a witch hunt, which of course it is.  But he didn't; he's a squish.

Benny Thompson may be its titular "head," but it is being run by the abhorrent, Trump-deranged Liz Cheney.  Along with the resident fabulist Adam Schiff, who is willing to fabricate any text, email, or conversation for his nefarious ends, Cheney's obsession has done nothing but ensure her defeat in Wyoming and a permanent legacy of lunacy.

The events of January 6, 2020 were a set-up meant to give the left a reason to do exactly what it has done: blame Trump for the actions of others.  It all began with the refusal to accept the ten thousand National Guard troops Trump had offered.  Pelosi ordered the Capitol Police to effectively stand down.  Despite all the weeks of warnings she, the FBI and the CIA had about "professional agitators" showing up that day, they did nothing.  They and the operatives who were embedded among the peaceful Trump supporters that day needed a skeleton law enforcement presence that day for their plan to work.  And it did.

Since then, the thoroughly corrupt DOJ has persecuted anyone they could find who was present at the Capitol that day, whether they entered the building or not.  Hundreds of these people have been imprisoned unjustly and wholly without due process for nearly two years.  The American system of justice has been frighteningly corrupted since Obama weaponized the IRS, FBI, CIA, and DOJ.  Trump's presidency interrupted their agenda, but then Biden took office in an election marked by illegal changes to voting procedures and charges of corruption.

Now there is no more equality of justice under the law.  We are living in the age of political arrests and show trials.  Criminals are invited to practice their evil deeds on innocent citizens without fear of consequences while law-abiding Americans are condemned to be perpetual victims without recourse.  Such is the plight of this once great nation since the Biden regime came to power and set out to destroy the country as founded. 

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