Necromancers: Leftists in power conspire to bring Roe v. Wade back from the dead

Can wicked rulers be allied with thee,
who frame mischief by statute?
They band together against the righteous,
and condemn the innocent to death.

—Psalm 94:20, 21

Last week, just back from Italy, and taking Communion from Pope Francis, Nancy Pelosi led her House Democrats in passing the Women's Health Protection Act (WHPA), meant to revivify the overturned Roe v. Wade and "preempt and prevent state-level bans and restrictions put forth by extremist, anti-women state legislators."

Pelosi has been banned from Communion in her home diocese of San Francisco — a pastoral warning to cease her fanatical promotion of abortion, and that it's "her own soul she is risking" from the "grave evil she is perpetrating."  Her careless response on Morning Joe was that she respects pro-life views, but "I don't respect us foisting it onto others."  Paradoxically, Pelosi's no-foisting scruples apply only if the religion is Catholic.  Last week in Washington, her motive was clearly religious when she said "protecting "reproductive health care" is "a sacred, fundamental duty."  If you worship Moloch, you can foist all you want.

Also last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren was indignantly flogging her bill, the "Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act," meant "to combat what she calls 'false advertising' from crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs)."  These are the volunteer-run organizations that offer women with problem pregnancies alternatives to abortion.  But according to Warren (whose name in Cherokee means "white woman who talk with forked tongue"), CPCs exist only to "mislead and deceive patients seeking abortion care."  According to her, "women walk into the centers believing they'll get abortions, instead they talk women out of it."  Warren says "we need to shut [CPCs] down all around the country. You should not be able to torture a pregnant person like that."

Interesting verb choices like these are a common feature of the left's abortion rhetoric.  There's Warren's reference to "torture," for instance, and Pelosi's use of "rip" in her abortion bill floor speech, when she called Dobbs the GOP's "long held goal: to rip away a woman's freedom over her most fundamental decisions." 

Leftist projection is real.  Leftists are forever accusing opponents of doing exactly what, subconsciously, they know they're guilty of themselves.  Democrats, by demanding nothing less than abortion on demand until the moment of birth, are condemning thousands of unborn babies to the undeniable reality of later-term abortion, to being ripped and torn to pieces, literally tortured to death.

But to extremists like Warren, counseling women with crisis pregnancies about options other than abortion is "torturing" them, inflicted by "people who wish them harm."

The alleged "harm" of CPCs includes offering "free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, diapers and cribs, parenting classes, help finding financial aid, medical care and more."  The following partial list is taken from one compiled by the Charlotte Lozier Institute:

  • Almost 732,000 pregnancy tests
  • More than 486,000 free ultrasounds
  • More than 291,000 clients attended parenting and prenatal education programs
  • More than 21,000 clients received after-abortion support

All offered at virtually no charge.

The pretext for Warren's anti-CPC bill is that they're spreading "disinformation" and engaged in a form of fraud known as "bait-and-switch," camouflaging as "genuine abortion clinics" to lure women seeking abortions, who are then talked out of killing their babies.

The charge of fraud is ludicrous.  Across the country right now are more than 2,700 CPCs, staffed by nearly 70,000 people — 80% of them volunteers, including 6,400 licensed medical volunteers.  Some of them have been around for 40 years.  All operate openly.   

Obviously, every one of them stands as a direct challenge to abortion industry lies and threatens the bottom line of nearby abortionists.  (In 2020, one Dallas CPC opened across the street from Planned Parenthood.)  If CPCs had been committing fraud all this time, Planned Parenthood and ACLU lawyers, in league with the leftist prosecutors who love to criminalize political enemies, would have combined to shut them down.    

For 50 years, the abortion movement has trafficked in disinformation and fraud, from the earliest lies about "blobs of tissue" and a "necessary evil" to the latest: that abortion is "health care," safer than childbirth, and a "positive good."  The biggest, oldest lie is the pretense that they're the defenders of choice.   There's only been one choice that suits them: abortion.  The proof is Democrats' post-Dobbs panic to silence CPCs — whether by law or violence doesn't matter to them — to make sure women aren't informed of their "full range of options."

The sacred slaughter can't stop now.  Moloch is still not satisfied.   

T.R. Clancy looks at the world from Dearborn, Michigan.  You can email him at

Image: Edward Kimmel via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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