Kamala Harris outdoes herself, serving up two word salads in one week

Most individuals and organizations aspire for consistency, but inevitably suffer troughs of failure alongside peaks of success. 

The Biden administration, however, has achieved the seemingly impossible, by being consistent.

Unfortunately for America, this is the ignominious consistency of incompetence and disappointment. The humiliation hasn’t just been on a national stage but on a global stage. 

The Biden administration is however never content with the appalling standard to which they have plummeted. Hence they surprise you by sinking deeper into the unchartered territory of catastrophes and disasters, when you presume they have hit rock bottom.

The flagbearer of these consistent calamities is Kamala Harris.

Ever since her inauguration, she has been regularly serving everyone her notorious word salads.

In the past, she achieved a record of three word salads in just one month. That record was shattered this week when Kamala delivered two ignominious prattle-fests in a span of three days.

Kamala was interviewed on CBS News by correspondent Robert Costa where she was asked to explain the failure of Democrat presidents and Democrat-controlled Congresses to codify abortion rights during the nearly 50 years that Roe v. Wade stood.

This was a tough question by any standards. Harris was being held accountable not only for her record but for the record of the Democrats for 50 years. 

To answer the question, Harris would have to know the history of Roe v. Wade and the record of laws passed by Democrats. She would then have to skillfully engage in excuse-making without being obvious. She had to end her answer by pivoting to campaigning for the mid-terms, promising people that the Democrats could pass laws to legalize abortion nationally if they win a massive majority following the midterms.

An adept wordsmith such as Bill Clinton would have found it hard to slither out of this challenge unscathed. Kamala Harris is often found wanting in her attempts to answer the most elementary of questions. In this situation, it was therefore not a question of if she would struggle but how badly she would struggle.

Harris responded as follows:

“I think that to be very honest with you, I do believe that we should have rightly believed, but we certainly believe that certain issues are just settled. Certain issues are just settled”

Early this week Harris struggled to construct a few coherent sentences to pay tribute to the victims and commiserate with the survivors of the July 4 parade shooting in Highland Park, Illinois that left seven dead and injured more than two dozen.

Her lack of preparedness was not only embarrassing and cringe-inducing but also deeply insensitive in considering the tragedy that had just occurred.

Weeks ago, Harris reinvented history while addressing schoolchildren on this year’s Juneteenth holiday. Harris claimed there had been 400 years of slavery when it has been 400 years since slavery.

Back in May, during the ASEAN Summit, Harris blundered her way in explaining the importance of teamwork.

She was particularly prolific in the month of March.

Harris babbled during a meeting with the Jamaican Prime Minister.

At the Munich Security Conference, Harris made a monumental mess in her attempt to explain the crisis in Ukraine.



During a press conference alongside Polish President Andrzej Duda, in Warsaw, Harris burst into titters when asked about the U.S.’s commitment toward Ukrainian refugees.

In January during an interview on NBC News, Harris rambled away explaining Biden’s failing strategy to combat COVID-19: 



Last October, Harris suffered a verbal malfunction during a pre-recorded NASA video aimed at promoting science to young children.

Last June, Harris had no coherent reply when asked by NBC News's Lester Holt regarding her hesitation to visit the U.S.-Mexico border despite being assigned the task of resolving the border crisis.

Harris’s various utterances were, as Professor Henry Higgins from My Fair Lady would call them, a "cold-blooded murder of the English tongue."

How is Kamala’s boss Joe Biden faring in the oratorical department?

Not too well. He recently struggled to read off a teleprompter as Kamala stood behind him.

This is a parade of the untalented, the unprepared, the undemocratic, and the apathetic.

Kamala performs the very function for Biden that Biden once did for Obama. Kamala makes Biden look like the smarter one, which is amazing considering his rapidly declining cognitive abilities. The fears that Kamala Harris could become president makes Joe Biden unimpeachable. 

Back to the babbling.

There was a time when parents compelled their children to watch political leaders speak so that they could learn about their country and the art of wordsmithing and oratory.  

It is safe to assume that this is another fine tradition that Biden has brought to an end.

Image: CBS Twitter video screen shot

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