Joe Biden's open border is now the world's 'deadliest' land crossing

When you think of the world's "deadliest land crossing," what springs to mind?

Perhaps the Stalag-like border around North Korea? The jungly narcoguerrilla-infested Colombia-Venezuela border? Perhaps the swampy predator-infested Colombia-Panama Darien Gap? Maybe the Israel-Gaza line? Some nightmare crossing full of child soldiers around the Central African Republic? The Afghanistan-Pakistan land crossing? There are a lot of hellholes out there that make good candidates.

But according to a United Nations agency, looking at the objective numbers, the honor goes to Joe Biden and his open border -- now the world's deadliest land crossing.

According to the Epoch Times:

The U.S.-Mexico border has become the world’s “deadliest” land crossing, according to data recently brought to light by a United Nations study.

A historic high of 728 recorded immigrant deaths and disappearances along the U.S.-Mexico border crossing in 2021 has made the land crossing the deadliest in the world, according to the study conducted by the United Nations agency, the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

These deaths accounted for the majority of the 1,238 immigrant deaths in the Americas in 2021, the IOM said in a press release on July 1, adding that these numbers should be considered an “undercount” due to difficulties in collecting data.

The study attributed the deaths and disappearance of immigrants in the Americas to a “lack of options for safe and regular mobility,” saying that this would drive migrants, presumably those choosing to enter as illegal aliens, to pursue riskier dangerous pathways to their destinations.

The agency also noted how the dangers faced by migrants are highlighted by recent news about what amounted to the deadliest known smuggling incident in American history: the discovery of 53 bodies in a tractor-trailer packed with 67 illegal immigrants in San Antonio on June 27.

That's quite an achievement, Joe, besting North Korea and all. What a "historic first" as Joe likes to say. What feather in Joe's cap.

The U.N. has a lot of garble about what is causing this, citing the "lack of options for safe and regular mobility" as if all would-be migrants -- all 158 million of them worldwide -- are utterly entitled to U.S. residency, jobs, and citizenship on demand.

The hard fact though, is that it's not gun towers or guerrillas who make a border dangerous -- it's the absence of any state control at all. 

Biden may think he's doing migrants a favor by leaving the border open and encouraging 3.2 million illegal migrants to abuse the asylum system by entering illegally, incentivizing illegal immigration at every turn.

But the hard fact is, leaving the border unlocked doesn't create a free and open border, it creates a power void.

That power void, like all voids, has been filled by the world's foulest criminal gangs, Mexico's utterly inhuman cartels and human smuggling rackets, the monsters who hang bodies from bridges and leave bags of human heads in schoolyards.

That's who controls the border since Joe Biden won't. Joe won't build a fence, so the cartels have been doing it for him. That's always what happens, and it's as natural as sunrise.

The high migrant death count gives the IOM perfectly good grounds for making its claim of 'world's deadliest land border.'

The cause of though 732 deaths, though, is not state or natural power -- guards shooting at illegal entrants, or wild animals attacking people -- as happens elsewhere, but smuggling cartels taking advantage of Joe Biden's open borders -- leaving their charges to die in the harsh Southwestern desert, dumping them to injury or death over the unimproved border wall, shooting the non-payers, engaging in high speed car chases that lead to deaths, or just leaving the migrants in a sweltering truck to die, as happened in San Antonio. 

Seems that that is even more deadly than all of the North Korean border guards and man-eating jaguars and crocodiles of the Darien Gap. 

The U.N. wants the U.S. to create an even more open border by handing out visas and work permits to all comers which is pretty much what is going on now with the Biden-encouraged abuse of the asylum system.

It makes about as much sense as Joe Biden's "spend harder" solution to inflation. That "solution" will only increase the death count, because it doesn't address where the deaths are coming from. They aren't coming from the state, but from the cartels, which will simply get hungrier for more profit and find more willing dupes among the lower middle classes of many countries (the dirt poor can't afford to emigrate), who will end up dead. Open-er border, more deaths. The cartels, as always, get a free pass -- they don't even exist in the eyes of the United Nations, which is busy handing out free money to encourage illegal immigration from some other agencies, or Joe Biden, who views the chief obstacle to open immigration as Trump supporters, not criminal gangs.

Only securing the border is what will stop the deaths.

Take a bow, Joe. Running the world's most dangerous land crossing is your legacy.

Image: Tomas Castelazo, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 3.0

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