Israel can say 'no' to US demands and more often than not, the sky won't fall

Stephen Flatlow, whose daughter Aliza was killed in a Palestinian terror attack in 1995, writes: 

There's a need for gestures before Biden arrives

He reports that every time a U.S. president visits Israel, the State Department demands Israeli gestures, but he is referring to the need for Palestinian gestures.

I keep asking myself: why do the U.S. and E.U. keep supporting the Two-State Solution (TSS)?  What's in it for them?

Flatlow argues that they have given the Palestinians $10 billion since 1994, and the E.U. has likely done the same.


They really don't care about the Palestinians, nor do they care if peace is achieved.  Why not defer to Israel to solve the problem and help her if needed?

Some argue that the globalists want perpetual conflict because it's good for business.  Or could it be because Israel doesn't buy into the New World Order, preferring to be a nation-state?  Maybe.

I used to think they supported the Palestinians in order to curry favor with Saudi Arabia (S.A.) and the 300 million Arabs.  No longer.  The Arabs, including Saudi Arabia, no longer care about the TSS or the Palestinians as evidenced by the growth of the Abraham Accords.

Some argue it's due to anti-Semitism.  Alan Dershowitz recently wrote:

The answer has little to do with the Palestinians, and everything to do with Israel, as the nation state of the Jewish people. It is a political manifestation of international anti-Semitism.

Can this really be the reason?

Can it be that they want Israel to be perennially under their thumb and not too independent?

Similarly, they both push for an Iran deal, no matter how bad.  How can it be good for either the U.S. or Israel?

On the other hand, why does Israel accede to their requests and permit illegal Arab construction in Area C, which they support politically and financially?  What is Israel worried about?

The E.U. is Israel's biggest trading partner, accounting for 29.3% of its trade in goods in 2020.  Some 34.4% of Israel's imports came from the E.U., and 21.9% of the country's exports went to the E.U.  The U.S. buys 30% of her exports.

Are we afraid to lose these markets?  Is that the reason?

Or is it that the U.S. gives Israel $3.8 billion per year in military assistance?

Although the U.S. refers to this as foreign aid, making Israel the largest recipient of such aid, it really should be from the military budget of the U.S., in which case it would represent about 0.5% of their budget.

Amb. (ret.) Yoram Ettinger argues:

U.S. "foreign aid" to Israel – a mega billion dollar bonanza for the U.S

...and he proves it.  In other words, it's a great investment for the U.S.

He also argues: 

Defiance of U.S. pressure – critical to Israel's national security

As Ettinger points out, Israel has resisted such pressure on a few occasions but can always be counted on to "make gestures."  The gestures will bring about our death by a thousand cuts.

It's true, so why does Israel constantly bend to it?

Perhaps it's because too many people in Israel also support the TSS or they are hooked on U.S. support and cannot conceive of going it alone.

The reality is that Israel can say "no" to the U.S. demands more often than not, and the sky won't fall.

Image: Screen shot from Washington Post video, posted on YouTube.

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