Is Planned Parenthood going to be setting up shop in high schools?

The last two and a half years, as difficult as they've been, have had the virtue of being clarifying.  Nowhere has this been truer than in public education.  Parents who blithely believed the garbage administrators and teachers spouted on Back to School nights finally got a look into their children's classrooms and were, appropriately, horrified.  They've been pushing back, hard, but the unions and school boards, buoyed with self-righteous hubris, are pushing back even harder.  The latest battle is in California's Norwalk-LaMirada Unified School District, where the school board has announced that it plans to vote a Planned Parenthood clinic onto a high school campus.

Fox News has the story:

A southern California school board will consider an agreement Monday for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles to open a clinic at a local high school.

The seven-member school board of the Norwalk-LaMirada Unified School District will vote during a meeting Monday evening on allowing Planned Parenthood to open and operate a clinic for reproductive health care at John Glenn High School in Norwalk.

Abortions and gender-affirming hormone therapy are not listed as services that will be provided at the on-campus site, but clinic staff will be permitted to make referrals to other Planned Parenthood centers "for services not offered" at the school, according to the proposal.

The clinic will also be able to write prescriptions and dispense pharmaceuticals related to reproductive health, including contraceptives, and can provide the insertion of non-surgical long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCS), including IUDs, according to the proposal.

Image: Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Paul by Fibonacci Blue.  CC BY 2.0.

This is heinous on so many levels.

First, to the extent it's in response to the hysteria following the Dobbs decision returning the issue of abortion to the states, the reality is that abortion in California will continue to be unlimited until the moment a baby is born.  That is, the California status quo will be unchanged, so if there wasn't a need for a Planned Parenthood on campus before, there's no need for it now.

Second, this represents yet another government effort to interfere in the parent-child relationship.  Here's the truth: no one loves a child like a parent.  The state certainly doesn't.

In England, when the National Health Service started feeling the strain of an aging population and unlimited immigration from poor countries, the first thing it did was look for ways to kill the elderly.  In Liverpool, without telling patients and their families, they withdrew food and water from elderly people.  Families were upset because they're the ones who care.  Baroness Mary Helen Warnock, a leading British philosopher, announced that people with dementia have a duty to commit suicide because they're wasting National Health Service resources.  (Can you imagine that standard applied to the current White House resident?)

Third, hormones are dangerous.  As we know from what's being done to confused and mentally ill people who claim that they are actually the opposite sex from their biological sex, hormones initiate significant changes in the human body.  Young women who get put on birth control can get blood clots, chronic vomiting, depression, gallbladder disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, liver cancer, and strokes.  I've known multiple women who have experienced some of those problems because of the Pill.

Additionally, the Pill changes women's brains, affecting their relationship choices.  Because the Pill tricks women's bodies into thinking they're pregnant, women are more inclined to find baby-faced men attractive.  That's why older generations of women liked actors like Clark Gable, John Wayne, and Walter Pigeon, while today's young women want Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, and other actors who look as if they've just barely completed puberty, even when they're well into their forties.

This is serious stuff, yet this school wants to put on campus a facility that enables young women to make potentially catastrophic, and certainly life-altering, decisions without input from the people who care for them most: their families.

It's true that there are young people who come from dysfunctional, unloving homes.  Maybe foolishly, though, I suspect they're in the minority.  So once again, leftists are taking a fringe issue, moving it to the center, and turning society on its head to correct something that isn't a problem.

We must hope that outraged parents in the Norwalk-LaMirada school district — and they do exist — push back against this initiative.  Moreover, perhaps this travesty of school board decision-making will persuade more traditional parents in the community to oust the activists from the board in the next election.

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