Inept Democrat leadership is threatening America

Democrat senators in the decades following the passage of Roe v. Wade had sufficient numbers on multiple occasions to have passed legislation legalizing limited abortion.  Due to the very real potential, however, that a vote to legalize what many of their constituents would consider murder of the unborn could alienate hundreds of thousands of voters in their various states, thereby threatening re-election, they never acted.  Fortunately for our beleaguered senators, the left-leaning Supreme Court greatly reduced the need for such action through discovery of a heretofore unknown right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution.  There was no need, therefore, for the Senate to seriously consider such legislation.

This "dereliction of duty" by Democrat senators has not gone unnoticed by the pro-choice fanatics.  Democrat dependence on the Supreme Court to legislate in areas in which the Legislative Branch feared to tread created today's difficult situation for Democrats.  Their inaction accepted the risk that should there ever be an originalist majority on the Supreme Court, the "right" discovered by one court could be denied by another.  As a result, the pro-abortion lobby is angry not only with the Court's originalist justices, but with the Democrat party that neglected passing legislation to safeguard access to abortion. 

It is in this context that Vice President Harris was recently asked if Democrats failed by not codifying Roe v. Wade over the past five decades.  Her answer — vintage Harris — was as follows:

I think that, to be very honest with you, I do believe that we should have rightly     believed, but we certainly believe that certain issues are just settled.

Building on her growing history of "word salad" answers to significant questions, the vice president in this answer truly outdid herself.  How can it be that our first "child-bearing" (also known as female) vice president is so absolutely unqualified for the position that she holds?  With all of the brilliant women in the United States, with all of the brilliant women "of color" in the United States, Kamala Harris is the one who broke the glass ceiling.  It almost defies belief.  I guess we should never underestimate the damage potential that exists when the only qualifications for an important public office are race and sex.

In defense of the president in his choice of running mate, there does exist a problem for Democrats.  It seems that most of the truly brilliant women in the nation seem to be far more conservative than the prevailing Democrat party.  That notwithstanding, it is unimaginable that they could not have done far better than Vice President Harris!

We are a nation suffering the effects of a president who at his best is incompetent, is likely corrupt, and now exhibits increased and serious signs of dementia.  The situation is made more dire by the fact that he cannot be replaced due to the lack of a competent and qualified vice president.  For Biden to be removed from office, Kamala Harris must first be replaced by someone having a modicum of ability.

But who might that be?  How might that be accomplished?  It is a challenge of remarkable complexity.  While Hillary Rodham Clinton stands in the wings with raised hand and Nancy Pelosi stands third in the line of succession, how is the United States to survive?  What is the answer to this disastrous dilemma in which we find ourselves?

Prayers for our nation have never seemed more necessary in time of relative peace than today in our beloved nation.  Beseech God that He heal and bless America!

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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