In Chicago, a district attorney quits, saying he can't work in an office 'I don't respect'

What is it about far-left wokester district attorneys and the chaotic way they run their offices?

We see this a lot.

Here's the latest bit of such evidence from the office of one of Soros's finest, Chicago's radical district attorney, Kim Foxx:

One of Cook County's most seasoned and high-profile prosecutors abruptly quit in spectacular fashion Friday, sending an email to staff that blasted Kim Foxx directly and her administration in general, saying he had "zero confidence in their leadership."

James Murphy III was most recently a supervisor overseeing felony bail hearings and grand jury matters. He often stepped up to personally present the state's allegations against people accused of murder, rape, and other egregious crimes.

Friday, Murphy crafted an email with "Good Bye" as the subject line. Then he pressed the send button. Here's what went out:

Twenty-five years ago, I was given the opportunity and the privilege to work for the Cook County State's Attorney's Office as an Assistant State's Attorney. This was my dream job. Like each of you, I came here to do good. To represent victims of crime and their families. To be a voice for the voiceless. To do the right thing. To do justice. Those aren't merely words, they are a way of life.

7/29/22 was my last day as an Assistant State's Attorney. I was fortunate enough to participate in my final murder jury trial as an ASA, alongside two amazing trial partners. We were able to get some semblance of justice and closure for the family of a single mother who was gunned down in a cell phone store in front of her two kids.

The man said he wished he could stay, but that was impossible, because not only did he have "zero confidence" in Foxx's leadership, but he couldn't work for an office "I don't respect." 

Doesn't respect?  How bad does it have to be that anyone would utter such words in public?

It simply doesn't get worse than that.

It comes on the heels of an entire police force resigning from a North Carolina town after a wokester city manager made working conditions unbearable for the related field of law enforcement, and just weeks after voters in left-wing San Francisco voted to throw San Francisco's wokester district attorney, Chesa Boudin, out of office, in a move that was preceded by mass resignations from the working district attorneys there.  There also have been mass resignations from Los Angeles's Soros-backed district attorney, George Gascon, who faces a recall of his own.

You could even link the chaotic office Kamala Harris runs in Washington to her first job as San Francisco's wokester district attorney back in the 1990s, where running a crappy office seemed to be how she cut her management style, a style she replicated in the vice president's office.

Now we have the chaos queen Kim Foxx.

Why such people are all such bad managers is a good topic for anthropologists of the future.  For now, we know that leftist district attorneys, whether in Chicago or Los Angeles or San Francisco, all bring chaos to the streets in their war on law and order, and internally, the offices they run are even worse.

It appears the phenomena are related, which isn't surprising when a job is at odds with your rabidly left-wing agenda.  The Soros bunch goes in to corrupt an institution within and, much to its surprise, finds that the institution itself gets corrupted and chaotic, a veritable rat's nest of plotting, scheming, politicking, incompetence, sloth, and wokesterism.  Anyone in that sort of atmosphere who took the job in hopes of doing the job right is in for a hellscape of chaos.  The chaos itself, though, is part of the Soros mission — and it's probably worse on the inside than it is on the out.

What nasty stuff this is, even as it serves as a useful pattern to voters.  Chaos on the outside is a sure sign of chaos on the inside, and let's hope this resignation harbors the same fate for Foxx that befell Boudin.

Image:  Screen shot from Fox 32 news video via YouTube.

Hat tip: Peter von Buol

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