If we lose this foundational concept, we wreck America

Law leads to order.  Order allows a society to function in the safest and most efficient manner.  The essence of law is a set of rules on which all citizens have agreed; it determines how we behave toward each other.  Law is mandatory when two entities interact, so each knows the rules of interaction.  Order allows a society, and an individual, to create the most pleasing world.  

A rational mind seeks order; an irrational mind seeks chaos.

The law of the land, our Constitution, goes one critical step farther.  It establishes boundaries for the government.  It is clearly written, as Scalia notes: "It says what it says.  And it means what it means."  It is not subject to manipulation because it doesn't have to change appreciably.  The document's authors plumbed the depths of human nature and created profound principles that will guide us through any turmoil.  We citizens need to exert constant awareness of those principles or lose it all.

The application of law requires diligence and action.  That action is support for select candidates for political office and the act of voting.  It is also our duty to hold politicians accountable for their action while in office.  After all, when you vote a candidate into office, you are giving him power over you.  He can establish laws, regulations, and taxes.  If not carefully monitored and reprimanded, human nature tends to seek power over virtue.  It is our duty to oversee all politicians.

Let's just say that some person or group wants to destroy our Constitutional Republic.  He would progress toward that goal by first destroying law and order.  What better way to fundamentally change America than to apply the law unequally?  The J6 "insurrectionists" are held in prison without trial for over 17 months, but the vast riots perpetrated by Antifa and BLM go unpunished.  The list goes on, for both sides.  

Pelosi is usurping judicial powers with her kangaroo court.  Under the Constitution, the Legislature is specifically prevented from acting like the Judiciary.  Pelosi's pathetic political plot is unconstitutional and therefore illegal.  We can't remove her from office — that is the job of her constituents — but we can remove her from control of the House of Representatives.

The only thing that stands between each of us and tyranny is our ability, through the election process, to influence the outcome.  Consider how profound were the authors of our nation that they instituted a system whereby politicians will be judged by the citizens on a regular basis.

Every other November, we become judge and jury; for a brief moment in time, we are masters of our own fate.  Knowledge and a rational mind are the two guiderails for the process of choosing.  Now, more than ever, we are deciding our children's future: independence or tyranny.

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