Democrats hope Biden uses the climate to take over and destroy the economy

If there was one lesson the Democrats learned from 2020 forward, it was that, if the government convinces voters there's an emergency, the voters will let the government get away with murder.  That's why there is a huge push from the left for Biden to declare a "climate emergency" and, under that rubric, end fossil fuels in America on an accelerated timeline.  If Biden were to do this — and to get away with doing it — America is over.  Kaput.  The great experiment will have ended.

The Washington Post seems to have been first with the story.  I don't have, and won't get, a subscription to that rag, but Ryan Maue sums up the madness:

The Hill has also reported on Biden's plans.  The very first sentence reminds us why I think any such action should be unconstitutional:

The Biden administration is considering the declaration of a climate change emergency in response to congressional inaction on the issue.

In other words, because the People, through their elected representatives, are not buying into the increasingly hollow claim about an imminent climate disaster, Biden is contemplating an authoritarian attack on the American economy.

We've already seen how Biden's initial attacks on our energy industry, through the executive orders he signed on his first days in office, have created a rolling economic disaster.  When energy prices skyrocket, all prices skyrocket.

Image: A gusher in Lakeview California, circa 1910.  Public domain.

The irony, of course, is that the Democrats, who claim to represent the huddled "people of color" masses yearning to breathe free, are implementing economic policies affordable only by the rich white leftists who really make up the Democrat party.  Poor minorities, just like poor white people, cannot afford fuel to get to work or to grocery stores, and, if they make it to the stores, they cannot afford to buy food for their families.

But there's an even deeper problem than the economy, believe it or not: the only thing separating our modern era from the pre-modern era is fossil fuel.

When we watch period pieces on TV or in movie theaters (anything about Jane Austen or the tawdry Bridgerton series, for example), the pre-modern world looks lovely: it's all pastoral vistas; politely curtseying maids; abundant food; and brilliantly colored, gorgeous clothes.

In fact, the past was nothing like that.  The 1% experienced those benefits.  The rest of the people lived horrible, short lives.

Everything that needed to be done had only four energy sources to make it happen: human energy, animal energy, limited water energy, and equally limited wind energy.  The reason for slavery was that human energy was the easiest to obtain and exploit, which is why slavery has been a dominant factor in human history for all but the last 200 years.

People were filthy because it was impossible without fossil fuel to pipe hot water to everyone and then dispose of it again.  The water itself was filthy because it also takes energy to provide clean drinking water.

Travel was virtually nonexistent for poor people.  The only way to get from place A to place B was to walk or to rely on animals — and poor people didn't have animals on which to rely.

Food was in perpetually short supply because all farming was subsistence farming by farmers using those four limited sources of energy.  It was impossible to create a surplus.  Starvation always nipped at a society's heels.

Diseases — horrible, nasty, painful, debilitating diseases — were completely endemic, and half of all children died before the age of five.  Our modern knowledge about disease treatments wouldn't help in a world without factories to mass-produce the drugs on which we rely or hospitals with sterile operating rooms, and top-flight testing and treatment equipment.  Also, without fossil fuel, there is no 911, and there are no EMTs racing to your home.

There's no heat or air-conditioning in a non–fossil fuel world.  Look at Europe, which is having one of its periodic heat waves: thousands are dying.  All extreme temperatures that are unmediated by fossil fuel remedies (i.e., heating and air-conditioning) are deadly.

It was only by the mid-19th century, as fossil fuel began shaping a new middle class, that an increasing number of people began to have abundant food and clothes, even if they weren't as pretty as those seen in a Hollywood movie.  And it was only after WWII, in an era of abundant fossil fuel, that we finally had a world of plenty that saw more people than at any other time in history live long, comfortable lives.

This is what Biden plans to end with a stroke of a pen.  I don't think it's constitutional for the Executive Branch to have that much power over every aspect of American life, especially after Congress has refused to act on the same issue, but I haven't kept abreast of Article II law, so what do I know?  I do fear that if Biden's overreach isn't nipped in the bud, we're going back in time...and we're gonna hate it.

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