Democrats gleeful at the harassment of Supreme Court justice Kavanaugh

Democrats are starting to sound just a little demonic in their fanaticism for abortion, and it's obvious in their cavalier attitude toward the safety of the Supreme Court justices.

Here's the White House setting the tone:

That's right: they ran circles around the issue of this illegal harassment of a Supreme Court justice, refusing to draw a line anywhere (we already know they aren't bothered by protesters harassing a sitting senator by following her into the bathroom) on what kinds of protests are inappropriate.  We also know that they have failed to condemn the fire-bombings, vandalism, and burnings on a huge number of Catholic and other Christian churches and on crisis pregnancy centers, which offer willing patients alternatives to abortion.  The pattern is pretty obvious.

But this latest refusal to condemn harassment in public places of a sitting Supreme Court justice was frankly shocking, given that just a month earlier, Kavanaugh had been the target of an actual assassination attempt and had been subject to an unprecedented leak of private Supreme Court deliberations.  He also was the target of leftist doxxers who spearheaded unprecedented — and illegal — protests at his private home.  That, and the leak, has gone unpunished, and while the assassination attempt could easily be dismissed or given a slap on the wrist by a wokester prosecutor, given the tone set.  Now they're offering bounties:

The message sent was that the White House doesn't care what leftists do to Supreme Court justices despite the cursory claims by Jean-Pierre that the White House is against "violence."

It was a tone set, and it was a bad one.

It prompted charming responses like this from the rabid left ensconced in halls of power, if not completely connected.

Such as the one from this congresswoman:

Not just a slimy absence of empathy and snickering approval of the harassers, but disinformation to boot, given that treatment for an ectopic pregnancy never has been nor will be treated as an abortion.

There also was this, coming frrom the male partner of the sitting Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg:

Eeeew.  So he's comfortable living by that standard?  What would he say if right-wing protesters chased him out of a restaurant?  It's astonishing to see this crap go on.  Were it to happen to him, his whimpering would be heard round the globe.

So let's cut to the chase:

That's the only explanation that makes sense based on these insane responses to these increasingly insane events.  Note too that congressional Democrats have refused to provide extra security for the justices in a GOP-sponsored bill.  The White House is happy to see something "happen" to sitting Supreme Court justices because they have a whole stable full of leftists and a Senate they can replace them with.  Like Pablo Escobar, who specialized in killing judges and managed to kill half of Colombia's judges in the 1990s, the choice for justices now is plata o plomo — take the abortion silver just as Joe Biden does, or get the lead.

It's so bad that it makes one wonder if the Supreme Court could go on some kind of strike until November, given that they might not make it out alive before midterms.  When the new GOP-led Congress is ushered in, item one should be the safety and security of Supreme Court justices, with the added safety measure that any justice who gets assassinated by anyone has the right to pre-name his own successor upon death.  That would kill the incentive to assassinate for political gain.

And right now, that's important.  Threats, harassment, and apparently killing seem to be the only game in town for Democrats.  They can't sell the public on their ideas, so their rage is getting lethal.  

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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