Democrats don't want anyone to succeed

Virtually every top Democrat these days is projecting onto everyone criticizing their elitism exactly who they are and what they've been doing for decades.

Today's liberalism has moved farther and farther from its modern roots that began with JFK.

John F. Kennedy would be totally unrecognizable as a Democrat today and most likely labeled a right-wing extremist.  He was the first president to call for lower taxes in order to grow the economy, a strategy that became the Republican template starting with Ronald Reagan for improving everyone's financial well-being.  The number-one projection you hear from Democrats today is how Republicans are extremists who threaten democracy and individual rights.

But if one takes a close look at Republicans and the right, their positions have remained consistent over the years — promoting small government, lower taxes, and individual responsibility.

It's the Democrats who have become the extremists by calling for bigger and more government every election cycle, more spending, and more regulation.  And now calls for censorship by the left continue to grow.  It's the stuff of socialism that's morphing into a kind of soft communism, which would explain the Democrats' affinity for all things China.  The final proof is the fact that the Biden presidency is really the Sanders/AOC presidency that totally controls the agenda, primarily in the form of the Green New Deal.  It is nothing but big government socialism disguised as planetary salvation. 

As history has shown in the twentieth century, socialism (and communism) requires a ruling class to make it work and therefore is intrinsically authoritarian.

Biden adviser and director of the National Economic Council Brian Deese admitted as much by recently stating at the White House press room podium that everyone needs to suck it up and accept the higher gas prices in the name of implementing the new "liberal world order."

It was kind of a Freudian slip admitting to the radical left's real agenda of establishing a new world order.  Deese is the poster boy and charter member of the D.C. swamp's ruling class.  His LinkedIn profile shows that he was a senior adviser to Obama; a senior fellow at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government; and, before joining the Biden administration, the global head of sustainable investing at BlackRock.  BlackRock is the largest hedge fund in the world, where it manages approximately $685 billion in assets. 

For all of the Trump-haters of the world, there's no getting around the fact that Trump substantially increased virtually every citizen in the country's net worth, regardless of race or sex, while in office.  He created the best economy in the modern era with historically low inflation and gasoline prices along with a record-setting stock market.  With Biden, everyone's net worth from top to bottom has been slammed, although there are a lot of wealthy Democrats who have well paid money managers to lessen the impact of this horrendous economy on their portfolios.  If anyone says money and their net worth isn't important to him and he is cool with the super-high cost of filling up his car, his grocery cart, or taking a nice vacation via jet (or automobile), he needs to get to church and repent pronto, because he is a total liar. 

From a recent piece on The Hill titled "Have wealthy Democratic elites abandoned the working class?":

Much of the news is financially and mentally crushing working-class Americans and those living below the poverty line. Or, to classify those constituencies in a category the Democratic elites might understand: Tens of millions of voters[.] ... For Democrats who seemingly answer only to the far left, I have one final question: Since when did the welfare of 90 percent of the American people not matter to your party anymore?

There were a lot of political analysts who said Trump was a lock for re-election going into 2020, possibly by a landslide, if it weren't for the pandemic.  It was a gift from God that allowed the Democrats in the all-important swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona to unconstitutionally change their state election laws that allowed for illegal ballot-stuffing at drop boxes and mailing out ballots as if from a fire hose without individual voter request, as is done with absentee balloting, just to name a few of the irregularities that occurred during and after election day.

So with Biden in office now for nearly two years, his administration continues to crush the middle and lower classes.  And the economy he's created is so bad that he's losing those all-important suburban independents in droves.  The Associated Press is reporting that more than a million voters have registered as Republicans.  It's also coming to light for all to see that the Democrats' policies are helping the one-percenters actually get richer while making it harder and harder for anyone to climb up the economic ladder, much less crawl out of the financial basement. 

This upper crust that's made up of so many super-rich liberal Democrats, such as George Soros and John Kerry, are on occasion called members of a leisure class because they have so much money that they really don't need to work, but instead, they prefer to promote policies through their immense wealth that locks in their privilege and power, while making it virtually impossible for anyone else to improve their financial standing.

Does anyone really think that making gasoline, groceries, or a flight on United Airlines extremely expensive is the same as promoting prosperity?  Throw in higher taxes, and what you are doing is pushing everyone down the financial ladder except for those at the very top.  And as those in the lower-middle and lower classes become worse off, more will turn to the government for help, and the bigger and stronger government gets, which is exactly why the new Democrat party wants it that way.  That's because they are and have always been the party of big government, AKA the ruling class that seeks only more privilege and obedience by any means necessary in the consolidation of more and more power.

Image: Public Domain Vectors, public domain.

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