Democrat narrative about Ohio child rape victim completely falls apart

Democrats went all out to sell and promote the story of a 10-year-old rape victim in Ohio who supposedly had to seek an abortion out of state based on Ohio's abortion ban in the wake of the overturning of Roe. v. Wade.

They huffed and they puffed, claiming that the case was an argument for abortion on demand. Never mind that the state attorney general said that was nonsense, given that the health of the 10-year-old mother was at stake. Much was made of some conservatives who initially doubted the story, which turned out to be real.

But what wasn't real was the promoted melodramatic narrative -- about a heartless state of Ohio refusing to allow a 10-year-old rape victim an abortion.

As more facts come out about the case, it appears to be more of a tale of federal, state, and county officials protecting illegal aliens who ought be be first-priority deportable, not just the rapist, but the quite possibly enabling mother of the 10-year-old girl, who appears to be here illegally, too. 

Townhall did some digging into the people involved in this abortion narrative, and found a pretty sordid group of illegals who've been under constant protection from the state, no matter what they did.

Start with the actual accused rapist, one Gerson Fuentes, a 27-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala, according to Fox News, citing a source from ICE, Despite being here illegally for seven years, he still speaks through an interpreter, which doesn't suggest a hell of a lot of motivation to assimilate, let alone basic morals. But no matter, he never had deportation to worry about, so having sex with a 10-year-old and covering up any pregnancy as a result through a free abortion didn't leave him with much fear of consequences.

Townhall found that authorities waited six weeks between the time of the rape and the arrest of Fuentes, who was the "boyfriend" of the 10-year-old's mother. She's the one who told Telemundo that all of the charges against Fuentes were "a lie" and that her raped daughter who was taken out of state for the abortion on June 30 was "doing fine." 

Why was this person in this country at all? Illegals and others supposedly can be deported for "moral turpitude" but apparently this wasn't sufficent as a reason. Only now has he been arrested and charged, and has ICE placed a detainer on him. Whether that will be executed or dismissed is yet to be seen.

According to The Dispatch:

The Dispatch noted that Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Cynthia Ebner “said the case did not warrant Fuentes — who is believed to be undocumented — to be held without bond.”

Being illegally in the country and being credibly accused of rape is somehow not good enough to hold this guy without bond, even though child accusers are normally believed all the time by courts.

About as bad, Townhall reported that authorities gave him six weeks to continue to do what he was doing in that sorry household uninterrupted, despite the fact that a child had been raped and impregnated. Apparently it wasn't that big a crime to them, and "danger to the life" of the 10-year-old "mother" only came from the baby he produced with her. 

Now let's move on to the mom:

Turns out that Fuentes was the 33-year-old mom-of-six's "boyfriend," who also was likely an illegal alien, based on Townhall's evidence uncovered. She's the one who defended Fuentes speaking from behind a closed door, calling the charges againt Fuentes "a lie." She also claimed that her ten-year-old daughter was doing "fine."

That's a pretty questionable one, given that rape is always traumatic, particularly if it is done by a family member or close associate, given that nobody in the household was offering protection from a predator, and abortion itself is always traumatic to a child. By one report, this is the child's second abortion, which would mean that this monstrous state of affairs has been going on a long time. Apparently nobody at all was charged or punished for that one, if the report is correct. 

It takes publicity for these various authorities charged with protecting children to take action, and if any of the people are here illegally, as Fuentes is, and apparently Lourdes "Lulu" Gomez, which appears, based on social media posts, to be the mom of the girl and girlfriend of the accused rapist. 



Townhall's Mia Cathell, who did the digging, found this:

The woman's affection for Fuentes also appeared in the comments section of a March 31 TikTok video where a private TikTok account going by the username @lourdesgomez022 reacted with similar adoring emojis.

That's how the online breadcrumbs can be traced to 33-year-old Lourdes "Lulu" Gomez's various Facebook accounts, one of which (the most active Facebook profile of hers in recent months) had proudly displayed what looks like Fuentes in her profile picture up until last weekend. Gomez scrubbed her Facebook profile and changed her featured picture Saturday to a temporary one showing only a Facebook Avatar of herself.

The bottom line here is that the abortion was taken to Indiana not based on Ohio's abortion law, which would have permitted the act on a "life of the mother" exception, according to the state's attorney general, but to keep the crime from being known by Ohio authorities, who could have taken legal action againt both Fuentes and Gomez.

The case against Fuentes is expected to be laid out once the DNA from the aborted baby is confirmed to be from Fuentes. But the more disturbing aspect is the behavior of mother-of-six Gomez, who's described as a nightclubber by her best pal according to one report, and knows enough about getting around the law to have taken her raped daughter to another state as well as defended her "boyfriend" whom she'd be well justified, by most juries at least, to beat to death based on what her daughter said he'd done to her. Nobody normal allows a "boyfriend" to have sex with the ten year olds in any household.

Gomez, according to Townhall, had committed other minor crimes, and pled them down, even though a judge had warned her she could be deported, a statement only made to someone who's here illegally

In a video recording and as stated in an official transcript Townhall obtained through a court reporter, the magistrate presiding over Gomez's proceeding explained that if she entered a guilty plea to the first charge of no operator's license, then the second charge would be dismissed. The maximum penalty for the conviction the magistrate could've imposed was six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. "You may be deported and you may be denied admission or denied naturalization to the United States," the magistrate warned of "other potential penalties" Gomez faced, meaning she was not a U.S. citizen. Pleading guilty, Gomez agreed to the magistrate's conditions, with the help of translation services provided by a court-certified Spanish interpreter.

She got away with those and authorities are refusing to release any information about either the law or whether they are doing anything to charge her with any enabling crimes:

Townhall asked law enforcement if the mother will face criminal charges for allegedly enabling the sexual abuse and if the girl has been removed from the abusive household in question. Columbus Police public information officer Andrés Antequera replied: "Out of compassion for the victims, the Columbus Division of Police will not comment on any rapes or sexual assaults of juveniles." Townhall inquired if the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office would prosecute the mother. First assistant prosecuting attorney Janet Grubb, of the Franklin County's criminal division, said: "We do not comment about matters under active prosecution or internal review."

Questions still remain surrounding the timeline of events, which points to a lack of action on the part of the authorities to quickly intervene and seek justice for this child, especially if the abuser is in the same home. Why did it take almost six weeks for the police to be made aware of the crime? Meanwhile, the abortion was set up and underway within one day's time. On the date Fuentes was charged, two full months had already gone by since the sexual abuse began.

Now, she remains unbusted, despite being a monstrous parent who speaks through an interpreter, likely lives off public funds, and should have had all of her children taken away from her immediately based on the rape of her 10-year-old and her defense of the accused instead of the child. In an atmosphere like that, it's pretty obvious that the baby involved, the "product of conception" didn't have a chance. She's not only unarrested, she's undeported. And that can only be from authorities skewing the law to prevent her deportation.

The question it raises is how many more cases like this have been going on to protect illegals from deportation? This wasn't and never was a story about draconian abortion laws as Democrats, including Joe Biden, promoted. This is about protecting illegals from deportation from incredible crimes going on in a way that can only come of illegal migrants pouring over the border without any vetting whatsoever.

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