Bye-bye, Biden

Would any other American president have committed as many gaffes and missteps as Joe Biden has and still be said to love America?

What other free-country world leader has treated his own people so badly and been allowed to stay in office?

What other world leader cannot string two cogent sentences together and still remain in office?  Joe Biden is non compos mentis and should remove himself from the White House before he is removed by his own party or before he further collapses the American economy and its status on the world stage.  It cannot get much worse.

Clearly, the man is cognitively in decline.  His many gaffes, word salads, blank stares, popcorn temper flare-ups, weird demeanors, creepy whisperings, touchy-feely gropings with women and children, and his monumentally wrong-headed economic policies are enough to turn the strongest of stomachs.

Biden has single-handedly destroyed America's energy independence.

He has personally made America a ridiculous paper tiger in the eyes of our enemies who want us dead or conquered.

Joe Biden has fist-bumped the most powerful oil producer on the planet in a way that signals an utter lack of seriousness.

He has opened the borders and welcomed terrorists and murderers.

Biden seems to deliberately want to link arms with the socialists among us in order to drag America's standard of living down to that of Venezuela's.  Food shortages, brownouts and blackouts, a severely reduced reputation as the planet's finest fighting force, and other admirable things America was known for, to have been destroyed or crippled by this impaired president.

Joe's policies are bankrupting America.

In order to kowtow to the climate cretins in Congress whose policies would further damage our economy, he has implemented policies and executive orders that drag America down from the Trump-high economy and energy independence to the Biden-low of scarcity, inflated prices, worker shortages, and supply line problems that would never have happened under Trump.

His failure to address the light-speed increase in crime is inexcusable.

He has done all that with the energy of an aging retriever and the political instincts of Barbra Streisand.

Joe Biden has done more to drop-kick America back to the political, fiscal, and energy Stone Age than any president in memory.

Under Biden, our social and economic infrastructure has been all but decimated.  It is almost as if he has signed on to an America-last agenda.  For that matter, does he even know what his agenda is?  Or has he delegated his presidency to pre-Trump power brokers?

Worst of all, Joe Biden's policies regarding racial matters have reignited a previously placid racial state.  He is now exacerbating a simmering situation between white and black that hasn't been seen since the '60s.

While doing this, he has turned our once illustrious military into a race-based adversarial social experiment, pitting our fighting forces against one another instead of against our enemies abroad.  How can the American military defend our country against a vicious socialist, communist, or radical Islamic threat if our own fighting forces are pitted against each other by color?  This is treasonous because what he has not directly promoted, he has allowed.

If Biden does not remove himself, he should be removed for terminal gross incompetence.  The people who are actually running this administration need to be removed as well.  Obama's not easily hidden, radical, "fundamentally transformational" policies show through Biden's actions loud and clear.  No one is fooled about who is actually running America while Biden and Doctor Jill high-tail it off to Delaware for some pudding.

As for his designated successor, Kamala Harris, becoming POTUS, let's deal with one disaster at a time.  She can be removed as well, and perhaps someone sane (certainly not the ethically challenged, slurring Nancy Pelosi and her marble-mouthed inanities) will turn this energy and economic disaster around for the sake of all decent Americans who love this country and want her and her people to prosper.  Perhaps now is a good time for the Manchins, et al. to jump this sinking Democrat ship and sign on with an America-first agenda.  Even the berserkers in the media are starting to pile on, a sure sign that bumbling Biden is bad for the brand.

Joe Biden is a shuffling, sputtering wrecking ball.  We cannot afford him.

American voters have learned a brutally hard and expensive lesson in the debilitating year and a half of the Biden cuckoo's nest: never vote for another Democrat until all the demented socialists, perverts, political prostitutes, and outright quislings within the party are removed.  And maybe not even after that until they moderate their slavering lust for control and brainless collectivism.

We need our pipelines re-opened.  We need to stop printing money.  We need to regain our status abroad.  We need to clean out the schools that are producing millions of little degenerate socialists and infantilized adults who can see no farther than their iScreens.  We need borders and the rule of law.  We need fertilizers and farmers again.  We need to rid America of the CDC, the IRS, and the NEA, to name only three.  We need people who remember God and the founding of America.  We need people who know what a woman is.

The GOP needs some fumigating as well, but at least we on the right tend to love America, family, God, and individualism.  Make socialism and radical leftism unacceptable again.  Make America great again with your vote.  Vote Republican as though your life and liberty depend on it because they do.

Image: Screen shot of a live television broadcast, enhanced with Adobe Camera Raw filters.

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