Blue-haired physician falls victim to Alinskyism and calmly emphasizes the need to kill babies

If there was ever a stereotype for a militant progressive feminist, Dr. Kristyn Brandi fits the mold.  She's overweight with blue hair, has her cats in her Twitter banner, uses pronouns, and loves abortion.  She is a founding member of CERCL-FP (Centering Equity, Race, and Cultural Literacy in Family Planning), which is a "collective that works to name, disrupt, and dismantle the systems of oppression in family planning care."  Also a lecturer for the Rutgers Speakers Bureau, Brandi's blurb on the website highlights her deviant lifestyle and choices, stating, "She proudly identifies as a Latina bisexual abortion provider [emphasis added] ..."  She was also called to speak in front of lawmakers on Capitol Hill, where she iterated late-term abortions to be an act of compassion.  Stating that bans prohibiting abortion after certain gestational ages "create barriers to care," and in her own words:

As a physician, I think the most prudent thing is to listen to their [mothers seeking late-term abortions] stories, assess their own medical risks depending on where they are in their pregnancy, and help them decide what's best for them.

Brandi is no anomaly — she is one of many liberal women who move through this world with a chip on their shoulder.  The lies of modern liberalism declare that fulfillment and freedom can be found in "sexual liberation" and "women's empowerment" rather than marriage and monogamy — but alas, reality and truth are objective.  Brandi, and women like her, often wind up sad, alone, and childless, leaving a mercifully forgotten legacy of narcissism and self-idolization — and that is where the strategies of Saul Alinksy took root, galvanizing godlessness and immorality in American government and culture.  The author of a notoriously well known publication, Rules for RadicalsAlinksy once told an interviewer that in order to accomplish a radical communal and cultural revolution, community agitators must "rub raw the sores of discontent."  Chafing mostly healed societal wounds was (and still is) a necessary step to revive the embers of a near-extinguished fire, fanning new flames of anger and bitterness.  In this case, women were told they were oppressed, that they were at the disposal of exploitative men who viewed them as worthless, and the only way to escape the bondage was through "sexual liberation" — and they foolishly devoured the falsehoods.

The embracement of this notion — that women are most free and valued when ceding their sexuality, individuality, and intimacy to a host of hedonists — is responsible for the obsession with abortion and sexual extremism.  They've been provoked to hysteria, and in the absence of critical thought and emotional discipline, they're unhinged.  In this instance, Brandi is an anomaly — usually those champing at the bit can't contain their excitement at the thought of baby-killing, but Brandi delivered her spiel coolly and calmly.

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