Big Pharma's Pfizer sponsors a leadership conference for Florida Democrats

In just a few days, Democrats from across the state of Florida will gather in Tampa for an annual leadership conference.  Corporate sponsors include fundraising infrastructure giant for leftists ActBlue; the largest federation of unions, also known as the AFL-CIO; and Big Pharma profiteer Pfizer.  With the help of sell-out politicians who span both sides of the aisle, a National Pulse article on Pfizer reported:

[D]espite obscuring results from its pharmaceutical trials and studies suggesting natural immunity confers better protection than COVID-19 vaccination, the company has continued to receive approval on its vaccines and boosters from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The editorial piece continued, acknowledging that the "vaccine"-maker "still enjoys government protection against legal challenges over its MRNA "therapies."

Per the same article, Pfizer "has spent a record-breaking amount on lobbyists throughout COVID-19," so it's no wonder that Democrats under Ron DeSantis chastised the governor for "failing to implement" compulsory experimental gene therapy — substantially affecting the pharmaceutical company's earnings in the third-most populous state.

There is a quote floating around the internet, often attributed to the late Robin Williams, which says, "Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like NASCAR drivers so we know who owns them."  If that were the case, it would be completely expected to see the logos for massive conglomerates emblazoned across the wardrobes of all of Congress — however, what would be fairly unanticipated would be the presence of these corporations on the jackets of Republican Establishment bush-league state legislators.

According to campaign finance reports, Arizona Republican state senator Vince Leach received multiple donations from the Pfizer PAC, with one of the contributions appearing on October 29, 2019 — two months before the debut of COVID-19.  In 2021, during a campaign of intense medical tyranny, Leach voted to sine die — ending the legislative session — despite the fact the Legislature took no meaningful action to ensure protections against forced masking and jabs.  Garret Lewis, a popular local radio host, devised the monikers "Vince 'Wear the Damn Mask' Leach" and "Chin Bra" after Leach chastised his constituents for requesting action against mandated facial coverings.  Yet his cowardice (or perhaps complicity) regarding the Big Pharma machine wasn't his only shortcoming.  Leach's tenure at the Legislature is so full of betrayal — involvement in bills to remove state sovereignty in favor of the National Popular Vote and the removal of precinct committeeman elections —  that he's recently been the target of "RINO tags."

Leach's actions lend credence to the notion that he may very well be bought and sold.  After all, it's not a far-fetched scenario — we can observe that money has completely corrupted politics, and just because someone has an "R" next to his name doesn't mean he's immune.

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