Biden's million-dollar salary gal, Pamela Karlan, exits DoJ one step ahead of a FOIA release

How many times have we heard about all the "sacrifices" people make to go into "public service"?

Seems the Biden administration has figured out a way to make "sacrifices" something just the little guy does.

Here's the news on Biden's idea of "sacrifice" for public service:

WASHINGTON — Stanford University law professor Pamela Karlan, best known for her 2019 testimony in favor of impeaching then-President Donald Trump, quietly left the Justice Department this month as a conservative group ratcheted up attacks on an "unethical" arrangement in which she continued to earn nearly $1 million a year from Stanford while working for the government.

Karlan joined the department on Feb. 8, 2021, shortly after President Biden's inauguration, and served about 17 months as principal deputy assistant attorney general for civil rights before she departed on July 1 with little fanfare.

Karlan's role was slated to last until at least Aug. 22 and possibly run into September, meaning she stepped down about two months earlier than planned. She left one business day before the department delivered documents to the American Accountability Foundation pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request, bringing more attention to her unusual pay provisions.

She wanted to spend more time with her students, she said.

Obviously, she was making out well, not giving up her salary for government work, as, say, former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, also associated with Stanford, once did.  She kept her $1.19 million salary as part of the Stanford law faculty in an endowed seat — the Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Professor of Public Interest Law, where she was affiliated with the ironically named McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society — because she was just too valuable, both to Joe, and to whoever her sponsors are for that law school sinecure.  Ordinarily, universities and think-tanks will hold a person's job as he engages in public service, but this one kept the cash flowing, too.

Someone was glad to keep paying her a million-plus for a no-show job at Stanford, while she was doing Joe Biden's dirty work at the Department of Justice, first as the head of the civil rights division, where nobody was told she was running the outfit, and then as a deputy when a more visible leftist was confirmed for the post.  Everything always on the down and down as she burrowed away doing Joe's dirty work and called it "public service."  And yes, the NGO that requested and found this information did call that "unethical."  After all, if you are taking a million bucks from someone, you kind of like to do things to keep him happy, not the people you are supposedly there to "serve."  If it comes down to one or the other, which do you think Karlan would pick?

It wasn't just a no-show job at Stanford that made the whole thing disgusting.  It was very dirty work indeed that she was performing for doddering old Joe.

What she did at Justice was so dirty that the only word that comes to mind to describe her is Joe Biden's henchman.

The New York Post lists a few of her dirty deeds, such as these:

  • Letting New York's slimeball pervert governor, Andrew Cuomo, walk for ordering nursing homes to take COVID patients into their establishments full of vulnerable elderly people with threats to their licenses if they didn't.  That caused thousands of nursing home patients to catch COVID and die, even as President Trump had sent a huge hospital ship to New York harbor to take these patients and care for them so as to protect the uninfected elderly.  Cuomo was let off the hook for that, even as more than ten thousand nursing home residents died.  Karlan swept that under the carpet for Cuomo, an important Biden ally whom Biden defended publicly, and let Cuomo's record on sexual harassment of Democrat operatives take him down instead.  She let Cuomo walk, closing the DoJ probe in July 2021.  She always kept things tidy for Joe.
  • Covering for Joe during President Trump's first impeachment by openly mocking President Trump's son Barron during her testimony, having no serious argument about Joe Biden's corrupt Ukraine doings other than an ad hominem attack on the child of a political opponent.  Some legal "scholar."  After she was called out for such crappiness, her "apology" was disgusting: "I want to apologize for what I said earlier about the president's son.  It was wrong of me to do that.  I wish the president would apologize, obviously, for the things that he has done that's wrong, but I do regret having said that," she said during testimony on Capitol Hill.  She was sorry she got caught.
  • Legally challenging Arizona's voter identification law requiring proof of citizenship to vote, a reasonable measure supported by the vast majority of voters nationwide.  She doesn't want Arizona to have to request ID from voters on the patronizing and very dishonest grounds that Black people have no idea how to get a government-issued identification card.  Black voters, by the way, are very much in favor of voter ID laws, according to polls, but this isn't about civil rights now, is it?  Karlan, like the rest of the fanatical Democrat cabal of her ilk, wants to make it easier for Democrats to cheat their way to victory in elections — which is how we got stuck with Old Joe in the first place.  She's a very, very valuable player to Joe on the election front, given that voters can't stand him and Democrats don't intend to relinquish power because of it.

But that's far from all that this Biden henchman has been up to.  Out in the big-dollar troughs in the private sector, the New York Post notes that she was busy as a beaver:

Karlan also served on Facebook's content-moderation oversight board from April 2020 to January 2021 before joining the Justice Department.

So she was busy censoring and blocking conservative posts, including the significant news broken by the New York Post that Hunter Biden had a huge laptop full of corruption and sleaze, which the Washington establishment, including intelligence leaders who knew better, claimed was "Russian disinformation."  She was the one blocking this, and shutting down conservative voices and even huge outlets such as the New York Post, which included the voice of President Trump himself, all in order to swing the election for doddering old Joe, who couldn't draw ten people to his campaign rallies.  This, while the huge flow of Zuckerbucks flowed to manipulate voter turnout in swing states (notice the pattern of big private dollars calling the shots here?), served to tip the election to Biden on extremely suspicious terms.  She obviously was a big player in the crowing cabal described by Time writer Molly Ball in a cover story called "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election" back in December 2021.  She was rewarded handsomely.

Oh, and President Obama entertained nominating her for the Supreme Court, according to the New York Times.  The Times noted that she was a favorite within Democrat social circles.

So she was not only valuable to Joe Biden, but valuable to whoever it was who was paying her a million bucks from the Stanford cash coffers in her no-show job at Stanford.

Public service?  No, this is political dirty-tricks service.  And being a legal scholar, she's very good at wriggling out of trouble and avoiding pesky Senate confirmation hearings, while still wielding tons of unearned power.  She got out one step ahead of that FOIA release on the details of her "service," ensuring that she will never have to answer questions for it.

She's obviously at the service of Joe and whoever his masters are, not the American people as a whole.  The outlines of that sickening spectacle of "Who Controls Joe" are now becoming clearer with this valuable revelation.  These kinds of arrangements have got to be stopped, same as Zuckerbucks has been stopped in many states, by a coming rule of law–oriented Congress.

Image: Official photo, public domain.

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