Biden 'quietly' filling holes in the border wall in Arizona...but not in Texas

After leftists yelled that "walls don't work" and Joe Biden declared that "not another foot" of President Trump's border wall would be built on his watch during his presidential campaign, Biden is now "quietly" completing parts of the President Trump's border wall now that three million illegal aliens have surged on in.

According to the Associated Press:

PHOENIX — The Biden administration on Thursday authorized completion of the Trump-funded U.S.-Mexico border wall in an open area of southern Arizona near Yuma, where four wide gaps make it among the busiest corridors for illegal crossings.

The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement that the work to complete the project near the Morelos Dam will better protect migrants who can get hurt slipping down a slope or drown walking through a low section of the Colorado River.

The area is the third busiest crossing for migrants who can easily walk across the river to surrender to border officials.

It has more of a whiff of closing the barn door after the "horses" have gotten out — in this case, some 3 million illegal border-crossers.

Not only is it a day late and a dollar short, but the hypocrisy is mind-boggling.

Number one, if Joe Biden's administration really cared about migrant safety, why aren't they completing the entire border wall, instead of just a few parts of it?  Is the open border unsafe in just a few places, or is the entire problem the open border?  Arizona officials note that there are 52 broken spots on the U.S.-Mexican border, and Joe is going to repair...four.  The fact is, the border in itself is a monstrous health and safety hazard, not the least because it abdicates control of United States sovereignty to Mexico's famed drug lords, a group that rivals al-Qaeda in its barbarism.  Mexico's cartels are the kinds of people who leave trash bags full of human heads on schoolhouse grounds, roll heads like bowling balls onto disco floors, hang grotesquely mutilated bodies from bridges, and once had a denizen among their numbers called "The Stewmaker."  (Don't ask.)  These cartels are smuggling away the drugs of death as Border Patrol officers "process" illegal aliens, change diapers, and hand out "free" baby formula to the illegal border-crossers who pay these cartels in their billion-dollar industry thousands to cross.  Speaking of migrant "safety"...

Two, where were they when 53 smuggled migrants died trapped in a hot truck outside San Antonio just weeks ago?  Or when that toddler from Ecuador was flung over the border wall and abandoned by human-smugglers?  Where were they when an NGO taking federal cash employed perverts to molest the victims of human-smuggling in their care?  Where were they when a Texas National Guardsman lost his life in the Rio Grande attempting to rescue a drowning foreign drug-dealer?  Hearing their sudden concerns about slip-and-fall injuries among migrants, with the smell of death all around them, is just a little disingenuous.

It gets worse.

Joe Biden's inept and stupid spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, had this exchange with a reporter — analyzed very well by AT's Andrea Widburg here:

REPORTER: "What's the difference between Texas busing migrants to DC, and the federal government flying migrants to, say New York, in the middle of the night?"
KJP: "It's very different, because we're not using migrants as a political pawn."

Political pawns? 

Speaking of political pawns...

Why is Joe Biden building a border wall — and letting everyone know about it — in Arizona, of all places, when the bulk of the illegal crossings are happening in Texas?

Arizona gets a wall — and Texas doesn't.  Funny how that happens.

Might that have something to do with politics?  And for Biden, the political uses migrants have as political pawns?

How could it be otherwise?

Arizona is a swing state.  Texas is not.  Both states work very hard to protect their citizens from Biden's incoming invasion.  But Texas is a little louder about it.  Texas, therefore, gets nothing from Joe.

Meanwhile, Biden is facing a wipeout at the midterms, and he desperately needs to save the Senate seats of Arizona's senators, Kyrsten Sinema and Mark Kelly, to retain the Democrat majority.

Here's another concentrator of Joe Biden's, or whoever it is who's is running Biden's, mind: Arizona has seen redistricting among House seats — with three of Arizona's six seats now up for grabs.  According to the Miner, a local Arizona paper whose solid reporting was marred by naked digs of leftist bias:

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Arizona's congressional primaries are packed with Republican candidates as the party tries to chip away at the state's majority Democratic delegation. They have a good chance with redistricting that favored the GOP.

Flipping just one district in November could help Republicans in Congress retake the U.S. House majority and push forward on priorities that include tougher security at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Primary voting ends Tuesday.

Joe's in danger of losing the House from the Arizona side as well as the Senate.

So what a coincidence that the report leaked out right about now as primary voting goes on in Arizona.

The Miner continued:

Arizona's congressional delegation currently has five Democrats and four Republicans. A state independent redistricting commission approved new boundaries for the districts in late 2021, resulting in four solidly Republican districts and two where Democrats likely will dominate.

Three other districts could be relatively competitive. Voting patterns in nine past elections show one district strongly favors Democrats and two lean Republican, meaning Democrats likely will lose ground in Arizona.

So we got the House, and we got the Senate at stake for Joe Biden in Arizona, and the midterms are approaching fast.  The governor's seat is also up for grabs, and in Arizona, the local Democrats know that open borders is a loser of an issue. 

Arizona has endured 43,000 illegal border crossings in just the past month, making the yelling going on in Washington about being flooded with 4,000 bused in illegal migrants absolutely laughable.

Therefore, Arizona gets the news of repairs in its border all.  Texas gets nothing.  Texas may have the most illegal crossings, but Joe actually wants something from Arizona, so guess who gets it.

Biden not only wants Democrats to retain or gain all congressional seats; he also wants his latest incarnation of his "Build Back Better" spendathon, laughably called the "Inflation Reduction Act of 2022," to pass in both houses of Congress so he can sign off on them and claim an "accomplishment."

Sinema is the only Senate Democrat who has kept her counsel on just how she plans to vote on this inflation-generating garbage.

Might constructing some of the border wall be helpful as a bargaining chip to Joe to win her vote?

Well, here's how Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council, speaking to Fox Digital, put it.

Judd told Fox News Digital that he wouldn't be surprised if the decision was politically-motivated, and called the announcement "nothing more than smoke and mirrors."

"The Administration knows that border security is one of the biggest issues in Arizona so an announcement like this especially at this time makes sense to try to help one of their own. But if people will do the proper research they will find that filling in the gaps with the current situation in that particular area does not help improve border security," Judd said.

There's additional evidence to suggest that this is exactly what Joe has in mind. 

Number one, this isn't the first time Joe has leaked news about filling some holes in the border wall.

He claimed he did so in April 2021, he did so in October 2021, and he did so in February 2022. He's always about 'filling holes,' he claims, whenever the political heat gets hot.

Funny how he did it again with this recent release about "quietly" filling the border holes, just as Arizona goes to its primaries.

So there's nothing new about this supposed "news."

Here's the other thing: this claim to be filling holes in the border wall, and "cleaning up Trump's mess," as Jean-Pierre put it, is entirely bogus.

Here's the fine print on the matter, from Fox Digital:

[Sn. Mark] Kelly told News 11 Yuma in an interview Thursday that he expects the first contract to be finalized in September, with construction schedule still to be finalized. And the DHS announcement that "Prior to construction, DHS will engage in standard environmental planning and conduct stakeholder outreach and consultation," while moving "as expeditiously as possible." 

Stakeholder consultations?  Basically, that's an activists' veto.  Any of these open-borders groups' displeasure at Joe's move to fill holes in the border wall will be greeted with an outcry from this bunch.  After that, no more walls, and the news cycle will go on.

It stinks to high heaven of an election-year ploy, and for sure, migrants are being used as Joe's political "pawns."  With Democrats, it's always a case of Democrats who smelt it are the ones who dealt it, and word must get out about just how fake and phony this whole show is.

Image: Screen shot from 10 Tampa Bay news video, via YouTube.

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