Biden and Mayor Pete have found the solution to flight delays and cancelations

Flight delays are happening all over, but fear not: Joe Biden and his transportation secretary, former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg, have found a solution:

To destroy the fossil fuel industry as fast as they can.

That will solve the problem of canceled and delayed flights. 

Once that agenda is finished, we will not have cancelations or delays.  We won't have a shortage of pilots or flight attendants.  We will not have to worry about TSA workers or air traffic controllers. 

We won't have flights at all.

Think of all the great benefits the United States and society will have if we no longer use fossil fuels. 

Jamaica and other needy economies will not have to worry about unruly travelers. 

Hawaii and Australia won't have to worry about unvaccinated and unmasked people showing up at their shores with COVID.

Think how efficient it will be to mine, transport, and produce rare earth minerals for batteries powered by a flammable pollutant without the benefit of machines powered by gas combustion engines. 

Wars will be very short if one side uses machines powered by fossil fuels and the other one doesn't.  It will be like going to a gunfight with a medieval sword. 

We can go back to dirt roads, wooden wheels, and using oxen (spewing methane) to farm. 

Life was so much better before we destroyed the planet by using the natural resources the Earth was blessed with.

Think how long people lived before water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, and power plants...that run on fossil fuels. 

Life was so pristine prior to 150 years ago.  The climate never changed.  There were no bad storms.  We didn't have long droughts or floods.  Sea levels never changed.  No one died of the heat before air-conditioning.  If we could only go back to those glorious days. 

I do feel sorry for the Obamas, though.

How will they get to their mansions in Martha's Vineyard and Hawaii without planes or ships powered by fossil fuels?  How will they power up their Martha's Vineyard mansion if they get rid of their newly installed propane tanks? 

Gaslighting: Obama installs propane tanks at mansion while pushing green policies

And what are self-important, powerful people like Joe Biden's climate czar, John Kerry, supposed to do?  He says the only way he can do his important work to destroy the fossil fuel industry is if he flies in his private jet.  He is so special. 

Thank goodness we have such enlightened, visionary luddites, like Biden, Energy secretary Jennifer Granholm, Mayor Pete, and Kerry running our country as fast as they can into collapse.  Thank goodness the enlightened media support these people and their policies.  Otherwise, the country would be run by a president who gave us peace, prosperity, record-low poverty levels, low inflation, rising wages, and energy independence.  That was a disaster. 

Happy Fourth of July.  The Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves if they saw successors like this, along with the media protecting the powerful, and spreading lies, to destroy all those people and ideas they oppose.

Image: Piqsels, public domain.

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