An Arab proverb for American political butchers

When I look at the January 6 committee, I am reminded of an Arab proverb that seems to sum up the unfair and unprincipled attacks against Donald Trump.

One of the highlights of my life was living overseas, where I became friends with many people from different races and continents.  One colleague who became my best friend was a Lebanese Christian named Afaf Simon Barwani.  She shared diverse Arab proverbs with me, and the one that I most remember is this: "When a cow's down in the street, every man's a butcher."

As the January 6 committee hearings continue under the direction of someone like Liz Cheney, this proverb comes to mind.  One must wonder how interested in facts and truth this committee is as opposed to focusing on doing as much harm as possible to the former president and others.  Most of us — even those of us who are not Trump-supporters — still believe in fair and equal justice for all.  Trump, from the very beginning, has been the object of so much venom, including attempts to disqualify and impeach him — even via a hoax.  It's like nothing else that has ever occurred in American history.

As an independent voter, issues are important to me.  Yes, character counts, which is why I'm not a fan of Trump — but I'm also not a fan of the current president, and I became very disenchanted with Obama.  Nevertheless, no matter the president, I have defended these three men when they've come under false attacks.  Because Trump is the one in the January 6 Committee's crosshairs, despite disliking Trump's personality, it's important to me to stand up now for his defense in the face of defamation.

In many respects, Trump's election was subject to an insurrection, wasn't it?  It was more politically subtle than a riot, but its aim was comparable to what the committee is attempting to prove today.  As an independent, I can rise above political frays and recognize smear campaigns.  I can't participate in or support such regardless of party or persons under treacherous attacks.

This brings me back to the committee and the January 6 hearings.  It appears the committee's primary effort is to blame President Trump via innuendo, lies, exaggerations, hyperbole, and manipulation of the January 6 incident or protest (I prefer those words to insurrection).  The committee seeks only witnesses who will corroborate and support their intended narrative and goal.  That is a patently unfair hearing, and the media are culpable, too, for not challenging some of the less credible testimony.

In effect, from the day of Trump's inauguration to the end of his presidency and Biden's inauguration, the Democrat party and others have treated Trump as the Arab proverb succinctly and precisely expresses: "When a cow's down in the street, every man's a butcher."

Image: Butcher (edited) by mdjaff.

One of the chief butchers, Liz Cheney, would do well to focus on more serious wrongdoing in our nation and another that her own father was behind, and that was the invasion of Iraq.  Saddam Hussein was no threat to the United States.

Under her father's personal promotion, we were guilty of the deaths of many Americans and many, many more innocent Iraqis.  Iraqi men, women, and children died violent deaths due to our unjustifiable invasion.  Her father and others have bloodshed on their hands.

President Trump does not, at least, have bloodshed on his hands.  For me, Cheney's attacks on Trump are the ultimate in hypocrisy.

It's time to protest and rout the butchers back into their domains.  The cow's not dead and doesn't deserve to be butchered alive.  It's time for an independent (and a non-supporter of Trump) to speak up and call into question the butchering taking place.  When you think about it, Trump may not be the only "cow down in the street."  Considering what the House committee is doing, justice itself may also be "a cow down in the street" getting butchered.

Fellow Americans, let's appreciate the succinct and powerful truth found in an ancient Arab proverb: "When a cow's down in the street, every man's a butcher."  Let's disarm the political butchers.

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