America's Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine promotes 'father's milk'

An old joke tells of the miserly farmer who tried to save money by training his mule to go without food.  He later explained that the experiment was working perfectly except that the darned mule was so stubborn that it up and died.  That mule represents reality.  The so-called transgender movement is trying to pretend reality can be ignored and is forcing its sick fantasy on America.  The latest example is the "gender inclusive" language guide from The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) suggesting that hospitals and lactation consultants add the phrase "father's milk" to their vocabulary.

The Post Millennial broke the story:

"This document was sent to me by a friend whose wife is a hospital nurse for new moms and their babies," evolutionary biologist Colin Wright Wright told The Post Millennial. "He said this new 'inclusive terminology' is being implemented at her hospital, and that nurses and other health professionals are being required to ask each patient what terms they wish to have used when discussing their care."

The guideline also includes words "chestfeeding," "human milk feeding," and "lactating person" to use in place of "traditional terms" like breastfeeding, nursing mother and breast.

Aside from reminding me of the old joke about the farmer, which was meant to be a humorous swipe at miserliness, rather than a how-to guide for societal management, that ABM guideline also reminded me of one of the most disturbing videos I've ever seen.  The video involves a man who thinks he's a woman and his partner, a woman who thinks she's a man, who recently gave birth (because that's what women do).  The man takes that poor, screaming, hungry little baby and tries to nurse it on his male breast, which is entirely lacking in "father's milk":

(Read more about the facts behind that video here.)

These are dangerous, delusional people.  But rather than giving them the mental health care they need and gently marginalizing them as they deserve to be, we are turning our society upside-down to give their sick fantasies institutional support and power.

I push back as much as I can, but I'm lucky in that I work at a conservative forum that won't fire me for embracing reality.  I fully understand that other people don't have that job security or have children who need to be able to function at school.  But honestly, speaking of those children, let me borrow a leftist power phrase: "It's for the children."  To that end, I'm going to toss one more video at you, in which Matt Walsh shows what happens when these grotesque, perverted, and insane people get their tenterhooks into the children:

If we don't stop the madness now, the madness will destroy us.

Image: Man tries to breastfeed a baby.  Twitter screen grab.

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