A Trump announcement by Labor Day?

Politico reported on July 21 that Republican leaders will not pose obstacles to another Donald J. Trump campaign for the presidency in 2024.  Rather than staying passive on the subject of a second term for President Trump, Republican leaders should be urging him to announce his 2024 presidential candidacy by Labor Day, in part to offset the resumed hearings of Pelosi's Jan. 6 panel set to be continued this September.

Such an announcement would certainly get a boost by the defeat of Liz Cheney in the Wyoming primary next month.  What could be a better symbol of the tawdry politics practiced by the dictator of the House of Representatives, as Newt Gingrich refers to Pelosi, than a defeated Cheney sitting as phony 'vice chair' of the Pelosi committee? What could be a greater boon to the forthcoming tsunami of MAGA patriotism than a Trump announcement of his candidacy in the wake of the political defeat Cheney so richly deserves?

The political truth is that Liz Cheney has become the poster child for a domestic policy advocated by the far left to keep ordinary citizens in thrall to self-anointed know-nothings like Rep. A. Ocasio Cortez who relish the prospect of living well off the sacrifices of others.

That Donald J. Trump should not hold off, certainly not beyond Labor Day, from announcing his readiness to again lead the American people, is suggested by a very simple question -- a question that significantly, is not asked by anti-Trump pollsters:  Are you better off under Biden than you were under the presidency of Donald J. Trump?

Is there any doubt that the response would be a resounding NO? The proof is in the poll results the mendacious media cannot hide:  Joe Biden has, from the time of his inauguration, been a disappointing president, whose decline and inability to inspire the voters has only become more evident with each passing day.

Of course, the Pelosi anti-Trump committee will howl, the NeverTrump cabal among Republicans will cavil and complain about a Trump return (The Wall Street Journal can be expected to predict an early Trump decision will keep the Democrats in power in Congress).   

But as a morale boost the country badly needs at this time, an early Trump campaign announcement, marked by general support from Republican leaders (speculating on his choice for vice president -- Rep. Stefanik?) is just what our political world needs as we speed towards the 118th Congress and 2024.

Image: Gage Skidmore

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