A shocking video shows how racialized America has become

I have no idea where the video came from, but I think it's worth noting because it seems to show that the Democrat party has so successfully racialized America in the last 15 years or so that we are beginning to live out Charles Manson's "Helter Skelter" madness.  Manson's dream was to destroy society, so it's up to us to recognize what's going on and fight back against this almost apocalyptic racial division.

The video is a simple one: Someone inside a busy urban venue (it seems like a coffee shop) is filming a brutal beatdown on the street outside.  Two young Black men are attacking an older White man.  We don't know why the fight is happening or how long it's been going on.  It's simply a violent two-on-one beat-down.  The people inside the venue, near the person filming, seem to be watching with interest but no concern.  That two young men are beating an older man is apparently a "whatever" emotionally.

And then, as the men vanish behind a poster on the venue wall, you suddenly hear the people inside gasp, cry out, and otherwise sound like people in serious distress.  At that moment, the two Black men who were involved in the fight start scrambling away, and we see why: the White man has pulled a gun on them.  He's not shooting or waving it wildly; he's simply holding it steadily, forcing them to back up.  Eventually, they vanish from view as the older man stands with the gun still at the ready, ensuring that the men who attacked him are no longer in his orbit.

And that's the end of this otherwise context-free video:

The video would be disturbing enough if everyone were watching it and cheering on the spectacle.  But still, it would be limited to being an ecumenical disregard for street violence.  What makes it such a tragic and disturbing video is that the audience cares only when the Black men are at risk.

What we are witnessing is a completely broken society.  For the last 15 years, we've been the victims of Democrat racial obsessions, starting with Barack Obama's presidency (his grandmother was a typical White woman, Trayvon Martin could have been his son, the police acted stupidly...) and culminating in the "fine people" hoax about Trump and the introduction of Critical Race Theory into schools and corporations.

The result is what this video suggests (and I admit that there is a lot of context missing): too many Black people feel utterly alienated from Whites in their society.  They don't view street violence as a "criminals versus law-abiding people" problem affecting all of us; they divvy up the fights by skin color.  In the gladiatorial ring that is urban America, all you need to know is the color of someone's skin to cheer for the "good" guys and boo for the "bad" ones.

I honestly don't know how one repairs societal breakage this bad.  The one thing I do know is that Critical Race Theory, which insists that Blacks are victims without agency over their lives and Whites are racist bullies without control over their actions or consciences is the opposite of the answer — yet it's what the current administration is forcing onto America.

Do you know what happened the last time someone in America came up with the theory that the way to maintain power is to start a race war?  Charles Manson got his followers to slaughter seven people in the most brutal way imaginable.

For Manson, race relations weren't about race at all; they were, instead, about creating wedge issues in society to gain power.  Under the umbrella term "Helter Skelter," Manson envisioned making Black men suffer so much that they would lash out violently against White people.  White people would respond in kind, provoking a racial war.  Manson and his followers would emerge as world leaders following the racial holocaust.

Manson, thankfully, is dead and gone, but his ideas live on in a Democrat party that deliberately turns races against each other to gain political power.  I'm not sure how we, as a society, counter this madness, but I do believe that we as individuals have some power: it's up to us to counter alienation simply by being friendly to our fellow man (and woman).  Saying "hello" to the person in line behind you at the movie theater or complimenting the helpful checkout clerk goes a long way to humanizing all the people the Democrats are diligently dehumanizing.

Image: Street battle.  Twitter screen grab.

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