A look at the 'open love' Kamala wants in your child's classroom

I remember every one of my K–12 teachers, a few of whom were good, most of whom were mediocre to awful.  The one common thing about them was that they never mentioned their private lives in class.  Now, though, Libs of TikTok reveals that every LGBTQ+ teacher desperately needs to get those five- or seven-year-olds to validate his, her, or its choice — and our vice president thinks that's how things should be.

On Sunday, Kamala Harris sat down for a short interview with Brian Tyler Cohen, a podcaster, and it was a doozy.  She's exceptional in that every time she opens her mouth, Kamala exposes either ignorance or radical beliefs...or both.  Here's the full interview:

In the first few minutes, you'll hear her say that, through the Dobbs decision, "the United States Supreme Court took a constitutional right that was granted and guaranteed to women, took from the women of America, from the people of America."  Kamala's standard means that slavery in America continues to be constitutional, as does the "separate but equal" standard.  Frankly, for a lawyer to say what she said is absolutely grotesque.

Kamala's inability to understand how our constitutional government works shows up too when she says the following:

We have to understand that the context we're existing, in we have three independent co-equal branches of government. The Court has acted. Now, Congress needs to act and put into law — like we say codify — Roe so that the protections are there in law.

No, Kamala.  That's not how it works.  What the Supreme Court held — and Congress has ceded to the Court the power to make precisely such pronouncements since 1803 — is that Congress has no say in the matter.  Abortion is reserved for the states, and, unless Congress passes an amendment changing that, it must butt out.  As I said, she's dumb.

But where Kamala went from dumb to disturbing was in her opinion about what should take place in our children's classrooms.  First (of course), she falsely claimed that Florida passed a law barring teachers from saying the word "gay" in classrooms.  But what really offends Kamala is that teachers must keep their private lives private:

No.  Teachers do not need to "love openly."  They need to teach.  However, that's not the LGBTQ+++ standard.  Nothing more perfectly exemplifies the way today's LGBTQ+++ weirdos think their public school classroom is the stage for the drama of their life to play out in front of children than a video from Libs of TikTok.  In it, a high school teacher/drag queen proudly shows how he has tricked out his classroom to be a drag nightclub:

Again, the best rule of thumb is that people for whom sex is the central aspect of their life are (a) not living a mentally or physically healthy lifestyle and (b) shouldn't be around children.  One of the main reasons leftists hate the Bible is because it did away with public, religious sexuality and placed it in the privacy of the home and the safety of a committed relationship.  Kamala's belief that teachers should be parading their love and sex lives in the classroom is everything that's wrong with modern leftism.

Image: Kamala Harris.  YouTube screen grab.

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