A good guy with a gun stopped an armed bad guy on a murderous rampage

Even with the best will, training, and resources in the world, unless police are already on the scene when a shooting starts, there will be a lag time between the shooter's control over the scene and the police's arrival.  The only thing that can change the dynamic during that interval before the police arrive is a legal gun owner willing to act.  That's what happened in Indianapolis, when a man started shooting in a shopping mall, killing three people and injuring two others, only to be stopped dead by an armed citizen.

As of this writing, a local Fox News affiliate has the most comprehensive report I've seen.  According to that report, the shooting occurred in Greenwood, at the Greenwood Park Mall.  A lone shooter entered the food court with a rifle and several filled magazines.  He began to shoot into the mall, killing three people and injuring two others.  Fortunately for all the other people in that mall, a 22-year-old man with a legal gun and a good eye killed the shooter.  There is no news about the shooter's identity or motive.

As this shooting demonstrates (again), the notion of making guns illegal is ludicrous.  Guns, having emerged from Pandora's box, will never return.  The only thing one can know with certainty is that once law-abiding people are disarmed, only two kinds of people will still have guns: individual bad guys...and the government.  And speaking as a Jew, I know exactly what happens when only the government has guns, and it decides that certain people in the country are disfavored and need to be removed.

I know others who can say the same — namely, those who fled China, Cuba, the Soviet Union, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and every other country in the world in which an all-powerful government kept all the firearms for itself.

Image: Man with gun by senivpetro.

The problem in America isn't guns; it's culture.  Inner cities have long been awash in guns, serving a culture of young men who have been raised without any values other than "to the killers belong the spoils."  Additionally, over the past few years, Democrats have been good enough to add to the homegrown number of feral people a growing number of killers from across Latin America, a continent with a greater gun crime rate than in America.

There is nothing inherently deadly about Blacks, Hispanics, White Southerners, or any other group that uses guns with promiscuous and deadly intent.  Instead, gun violence incubates in places in which, on the ground, it's kill or be killed, and in the entertainment world, guns are glamorized.

I also continue to believe, for no other reason than that it makes sense, that the overwhelming abortion culture in America's inner cities is the most profound message one can send young men that their lives have no value: if the mothers don't care enough about these children to nurture them but, instead, kill them, why should anyone else act as if the lives of inner-city children have value?

So yes, guns will be ubiquitous even if the left succeeds in erasing the Second Amendment.  We need to arm the good guys and cast around for a way that helps the bad guys recognize that life is inherently valuable and that there's joy in a well ordered, moral world. 

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