You're not alone in thinking Hollywood stars' children are in trouble

Andrew Breitbart's and Mark Ebner's Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon — The Case against Celebrity tells you why it's positively evil to have the people in Hollywood use their enormous media power to dictate America's culture, morals, and politics.  The book describes the intellectual emptiness and bizarre isolation that leads Hollywood's most famous stars to chase every weird trend.  No trends are weirder than the ones they impose on their helpless children.  Among other things, the book tells about Hollywood's most elite high school, which encouraged cross-dressing.  That was 14 years ago.

Fast-forward to 2022 and the fascinating website called The Vigilant Citizen.  This site asserts that a cabal of people using MK-Ultra mind control techniques have most of the entertainment and art world working for them to instill their poisonous One World ideologies into the American mainstream.  I have no idea if this is true, but I will say that, in post after post, with photos that most of us don't usually see, the anonymous author makes a good case that Hollywood's most famous stars have sold their souls to achieve that fame.

On Tuesday, the site turned its attention to something I've noticed with increasing frequency when I peruse such sites as The Daily Mail or the New York Post while looking for interesting topics to share with you.  In this case, the interesting topic is the growing number of Hollywood stars who insist that their children are transgender.

The article tags Megan Fox (who earlier boasted about engaging in blood rituals with Machine Gun Kelly), basketball star and celebrity Dwyane Wade, Charlize Theron, Madonna, and Liev Schreiber (who has a son with Naomi Watts).  In each of these cases, the celebrities announced that their sons are really their daughters and then proceeded to parade them around in provocative female outfits when they were as young as five or six.  You could add to the list the son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, two stars we know now have a very unhealthy relationship, with Jada as something of a dominatrix and Will as her scared puppy dog, who have a son who's seriously into cross-dressing.

The Vigilant Citizen focuses most closely on an actor named Liev Schreiber.  I'd never heard of him, so I had to look him up.  I learned that his mother, who had custody over him after his parents had a hideously contentious divorce, was, in his own words, a "far-out Socialist Labor Party hippie bohemian freak who hung out with William Burroughs."  Liev grew up partly in a hippie commune and partly in poverty in NYC.

Given his own upbringing, maybe what Schreiber has done to Samuel, his younger son, is less surprising but still deeply disturbing.  He took his little boy to Comic-Con after dressing the boy as the hypersexual Harley Quinn.  For Halloween, he dressed the boy as a bloodstained bride.  There's a picture of two children with Watts, and one of them is doing something to a little scooter that looks just so wrong.  This is Schreiber's Twitter home page:

Image: Twitter screen grab.

Schreiber boasts about bathing with his kids and then doing a "willy dance."  (Shades of Ashley Biden and her showers with Papa Joe.)  And you don't want to see a picture of Schreiber's daddy-son kiss.  Naturally, the media accept and approve of all this madness, referring to the boy as "daughter Kai."

Why does this matter?  Because, sadly, Hollywood matters.  It still dominates the culture, especially our children's culture.  The Vigilant Citizen sums it up this way:

For years, I've been documenting the gender-blurring agenda which is based on the assertion that genders are social constructs. That same agenda claims that toddlers can make the life-altering decision of switching genders while promoting the usage of extreme drugs such as hormone-blockers. That same agenda is also creeping into elementary school curricula because "they" know that indoctrination must happen at a young age to permanently affect the psyche.

Hollywood is yet another arm of that agenda. While its industry is based on make-believe, real actual children are being dragged into this mess. When one combines this agenda with Hollywood's notorious obsession with preying on children, we get little boys who walk around in dresses as mass media showers everyone with praise.

Every time you purchase a ticket for a Hollywood show or pay your Disney+ fee, you're feeding the beast that is determined to destroy America, one child at a time.  And to show just how serious this commitment is, the beast is starting with its own children.

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