Why not a white pride month?

There is Gay Pride Month, Black Pride Month, Asian Pacific Americans month, Women’s History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Disability Awareness Month, and no doubt there will soon be a Trans Pride Month. But where is the pride month for white people? Whites have contributed more inventions, art, and revolutionary thinking to the world than any other group. They need their own month.

White people invented the wheel, nails, indoor plumbing, the printing press, the electric light, automobiles, the compass, penicillin, contraceptives, telephone, radio and TV, vaccines and vaccinations, computers, airplanes, the telegraph, batteries, telescopes, microscopes, contact lenses, anesthesia, the internet, gas-powered tractors, and the steam engine, all of which immeasurably improved life and productivity on planet earth. 

White people created magnificent paintings, carvings, sculptures, and photographs. They have created or composed symphonies, songs, plays, musical instruments, films, books, lectures, treatises, textbooks, cookbooks, QuickBooks, architecture, and poetry.

Remove these things and life goes back to the Stone Age. White people don’t get enough recognition for their beneficial and monumental contributions to the world. Of course, there are many inventions and creations offered by people of other races as well and that is not nothing, but white people don’t get enough appreciation for all they have done. That needs changing.

People of all colors have made life worse for others, too, but that is another story full of anti-Jewish, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Italian, anti-Polish, anti-Italian, anti-Asian, anti-Irish, anti-Indian, anti-Eskimo hatred, genocide, and marginalization. There is enough blame to go around but not enough credit. 

I am tired of white-bashing. White people should be proud of their whiteness and should not wring their hands, grovel, acquiesce, cower, apologize, or bow to the browbeating anti-white demands that pockmark life in many schools and businesses in America today. A small but vocal group of Marxists, mostly generated in ultra-liberal colleges and schools, have co-opted the race narrative and have tried unsuccessfully to destroy white pride. They made a cottage industry out of convincing white people that they should feel guilty and ashamed. Anti-white racist agitators, laughably calling themselves "anti-racists," are ubiquitous wherever power corrupts, and power has absolutely corrupted the present-day racial landscape in America and around the world.

But for this moment, we should celebrate the contributions and situations that have been created primarily by white people. Many were mentioned earlier. Also, white celebration, recognition, and remembrance are in order for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Mt. Rushmore, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial,  the American Flag, the Liberty Bell, and all the other things that reflect white accomplishments and white contributions that America should be proud of.

Protestations to the contrary, white people have nothing to be ashamed about in 2022.

Image: Raphael

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