Why all the phony outrage about President Trump being asked for pardons?

Why is the media reporting endlessly that Congressmen supposedly asked President Trump for pardons without telling the public that Trump didn't grant the pardons?

We also heard many stories at the end of Trump's term that he was going to give himself and family members pardons.

Those stories were probably as fake as the Russian collusion story. 

Shouldn't that be the biggest part of the story? Trump didn't pardon everyone who asked, including his political allies.
He pardoned a few, but at least Trump didn't pardon Puerto Rican terrorists like Bill Clinton to get votes for Hillary.
Carter, Clinton, and Obama all pardoned terrorists and most of the media didn't care, but it is now a major story that Trump had people request pardons from him that he didn't grant?
In 1979, Jimmy Carter released from prison three Puerto Rican terrorists who shot at members of Congress.
In 1999 Bill Clinton pardoned 12 members of the FALN.
Obama’s one-time friend Bill Ayers, himself a terrorist in the 1970s, tweeted out a celebratory “Oscar Lopez freed!”

The media is having a  cow that the Supreme ruled that citizens have a right to defend themselves, too.

Shouldn't the media analyze the 43 states that allow concealed carry to the states that don't instead of just regurgitating Democrat talking points? 

It doesn't appear that states that allow people to openly defend themselves have worse results. Obviously, the media doesn't want the public to see facts.
If the media and other Democrats truly cared about the safety of children and other Americans, they would be reacting to all the criminal activity at the border and on the city streets where radical DAs let dangerous criminals roam the streets to threaten and harm the public. 
But they are almost completely silent. 
We essentially have an armed insurgency attacking us at the open border every day and there is utter silence. Where are all the stories about all the abandoned children being harmed every day? Obviously, leftists don't care. 
The Biden administration is actively concerned about the sovereignty of Ukraine and their border and is arming their citizens to the hilt so they can defend themselves. 
Maybe, they should treat our borders with the same respect as Ukraine. Towns are being overwhelmed by invaders crossing the border. Isn't it the responsibility of the Biden administration to enforce the laws on the books? Didn't they take an oath to enforce the laws?
Maybe the Biden administration and the media should look at the leftist DAs as if they are all invaders sent by Putin throughout the country to target society. Maybe then, they would support citizens arming themselves to protect against danger.
Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, Merrick Garland, Nancy Pelosi, and others have visited Ukraine to show how much they care, but they haven't visited the border to show they care about Americans. It shows they don't care or don't want the public to know the harm their open border policies are causing.
The major news anchors have gone to Ukraine and done endless reporting, but there is almost endless silence about the border because they clearly want to hide the truth of the massive harm and criminal activity from the public.
The Founding Fathers gave the press great powers in the First Amendment to hold the powerful to account, not to push an agenda for people they support and to hide the truth from the public. They would be ashamed. 
They also gave us the Second Amendment so people could defend themselves against a powerful government. They would be ashamed to see how much Democrats are trying to whittle away at our freedoms. 
The choice becomes easier every day: Either choose the candidates who are most likely to give the power, money, and freedom, or choose the candidates most of the media supports who want the power, freedom, and money to go to the powerful government. 
Around 160 years ago, Republicans abolished slavery and today the Democrats want us to be more beholden to and dependent on the government. The 2022, and 2024, elections are the only way to save our great country from the intentional collapse being supported by a compliant and complicit media. 
Can anyone imagine the endless coverage  if Reagan's, Bush's, or Trump's staff gave them such menial instructions?

Biden Accidentally Reveals Step-by-Step Notes He's Been Given on How to Act

Who needs to be told “YOU enter the Roosevelt room and say hello to the participants” and “YOU take YOUR seat”? It sounds like he confused things in the past, and they even have to highlight “YOU” in the various actions going on. Those are step-by-step instructions to tell him what to do every moment of the event.

“Press enters. YOU give brief comments (2 minutes). Press departs…YOU ask Liz Shuler, President, AFL-CIO, a question. Note: Liz is joining virtually. YOU thank participants. YOU depart.”

This isn’t about a stutter, people. These are instructions to the incoherent.

Now, why was he revealing the “idiot cards” to the public? Because apparently, they wrote some notes on the back, for him to respond to the Supreme Court gun decision. So, when he turned it around to answer that question, he revealed all the other instructions for the event that were on the front.

Can anyone imagine how low Biden's poll numbers would be if the media reported the truth instead of supporting Biden and his leftist policies to destroy America?

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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